Bernando LaPallo Gives Sage Advice on Longevity
Yamuna Devi Pioneer in Kirtan and Cookbook Author Remembered
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110 Year Old Author's Sage Advice for a Healthy 2012 YAMUNA Devi Passes

Namaste and Happy New Year to you in the highly anticipated dawn of 2012! Wisdom awaits in the message of 110 Year Old Bernando LaPallo who shares the secrets of his health and vitality on Saturday,January 21st. What does this have to do with yoga?  Well he is Ekayani's grandfather and his life has been about  following many sattvic principles the foundation of true health.
In this edition we also pay tribute to the sublime pioneer in all things Krsna conscious YAMUNA Devi who left her body December 20. Read more about  this trail blazer whose cooling voice was a window to the spiritual world touching hundreds of thousands if not millions of people around the world beginning with her association with The Beatles. She will be greatly missed.

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110 Years Old Bernando LaPallo pictured with grand daughter Ekayani

Rare East Coast Appearance - Centenarian Bernando LaPallo speaks on the keys to his health Jan. 21
, 2012

If you think that old age means living in an old folks home slumped over a wheel chair think again! Come be inspired and learn about the regenerative powers of nature from a man who has lived it for 110 years!!! 
Bernando LaPallo was born in Victoria,Brazil on August 17,1901 to Mattie Carr and Bernando LaPallo Sr. He moved to the United States and was raised by his father, a doctor, in Philadelphia. His first interest was in food and he went on to study the culinary arts at the Sorbonne in Paris,France graduating in 1928. After many years of working as a professional chef on steam liners, resorts and as a merchant marine, he retired to pursue a second career in the healing arts. After getting his certificate for massage at The Swedish Institute in New York City, Bernando went on to study and become a licensed reflexologist and podiatrist at NYU. He completed that course of study at the age of 73. He had a successful private massage practice in New York City for more than 20 years treating people from all walks of life. He currently resides in Arizona where he gives talks on the secrets of his youthful vitality and health to church groups, raw food enthusiasts, and schools like SWIHA. Frequently featured on TV newspaper and radio, his bestselling book "Age Less,Live More - Living with Health and Vitality to 107 Years and Beyond" has been featured on Oprah and is a best seller on LuLu.com  His new DVD features him demonstrating a few of his favorite recipes.

Presented by Kufunya Ife & Think Free Eat Green!   
Date: Saturday January 21, 2012
Time:  5 - 8pm
Address:  Coral Hall 1653 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11225  
* across from Medgar Evers College/Take 4 to Franklin
Tickets $10
Program : Lecture  Q & A
Merch Table  Pick up a copy of "Age Less, Live More - Living with Health and Vitality to 107 Years and Beyond", Dr. Schulzes Super Food, recipe DVDS,USANA  Health Sciences samples
* Seating is limited to 100 persons and it will sell out !!!
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Yamuna Devi 1942 - 2011
Yamuna Devi was an inspired Vaisnavi, founding member of London's first Hare Krsna temple, an expert cook whose IACP award winning book was called the "vegetarian bible", devoted disciple of AC Bhakitivedanta Swami. She left us 12/20 in Florida. Click on the photo of Yamuna and George Harrison to learn more about this spiritual pioneer and the treasures she left us as practical as they were sublime.

A favorite recording from the Delhi Pandal 1974
Yamuna Dasi