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Supporting Independence: 
Birth-3 Years

Dr. Silvia Dubovoy 
Alejandra Rosas

     Wednesday 12/13, 5:00 pm

Toddler apple slicing

Today, babies and toddlers often find themselves confined to cribs or strollers, and relegated to the sidelines as the well-meaning adults in their life "help" them with tasks they would happily do by themselves.   What if these children were given the opportunity to act more independently and learn from firsthand experiences in their environment?  What kind of adults would they become?  Join us for-- 

Supporting Independence: Birth-3 Years
Wednesday, December 13th at 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time  

Topics will include:  
  • "Help me to help myself!"
  • Enriching everyday language
  • Movement mat & floor bed
  • Clothing with a purpose
  • Limited choices
  • Cooking & eating
  • Toilet learning with dignity
  • Q&A with the experts

Our presenters are Dr. Silvia C. Dubovoy , Founder & Director of Training at MISD, and Alejandra Rosas, AMI Trainer for ages birth-3.   This is your opportunity to interact with internationally renowned Montessori experts , get your questions answered, and tap into the collective intelligence around this topic. 


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Become a Montessori Teacher
Now Accepting Applications for 2018!

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  • Assistants to Infancy, birth-3 (2 summers)
  • Primary, 3-6 (NEW 2-summer fomat* OR academic year)
  • Birth to Six (A-I + Primary = 14 months)
  • Inclusive Education 
    (2 summers) Now open to ALL Montessori diploma holders
  • Elementary, 6-12 (summer format) 
    • Foundation Course options in Summer 2017 OR Summer 2018.  Elementary Course begins in 2018.

*new format pending MACTE approval


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"The Preparation of the Adult"
Silvia C. Dubovoy, Ph.D.

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a public talk at MISD
followed by our first Montessori Job Fair

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