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Thank you for helping the Warrior Center celebrate the 12 days of Christmas this year.  We are on day four of our countdown to Day 12 (Dec 25th).  We hope that the stories of the changed lives has been interesting, insightful and inspiring . Today, we celebrate yet another miracle of God's grace.





The first five books of the Old Testament, known as the Torah or Pentateuch: 1) Genesis, 2) Exodus, 3) Leviticus, and 5) Deuteronomy.These books give the history of humanity's sinful failure and God's response of grace in the creation of a people to be a light to the world.          

Tomorrow....."Six Geese A-laying"???  


Landon Clay

Program Director



Help struggling men by giving back. Check out our "GIVE 365 Campaign" and change a life forever!

Warriors Center would like to introduce you to the graduates of 2013. This year we shattered our record of men who completed our one year discipleship program.   

This is no easy task.  These guys participate in over 20 community outreaches, memorize 50 'Battle Verses" and read the entire Bible and work the 12 steps.  Most of these  men work 35-40 hours per week in our work therapy program and still manage to do the curriculum. Congrats to these COURAGEOUS WARRIORS!!  We will be featuring some of these men during these twelve days, but we wanted you to at least have a brief glimpse of each of this year's graduates.

Alex Vest started this string of graduations in 2013 and soon after lost his mother to cancer.  Alex was rebellious at first until God got a hold of him. Alex is currently drug free and doing well.

Mike Gutilla overcame a serious addiction. Mike was a blessing on our work crews  and honed his skills as a great painter. Mike is currently starting his own construction company and today is drug free and doing well.

Jason Wolverton was turned down by a judge the first time he attempted, but finally after months of not giving up he was court ordered to the Warriors Center. Jason shined during his one year here and quickly became a leader with his peers.  Jason is currently drug free and employed by Bellevue Baptist Church.

Mike Hamilton has had a long history of drug abuse and was led to Warriors Center by a friend. Mike not only found hope, but found Jesus. Today Mike is drug free and doing well.

Doug Greenwood put in some hard earned months at Warriors Center. Doug suffered from years of drug abuse and even left the program to serve time in jail. Doug returned
and finished strong. He is currently drug free and doing well.

Richard Burney made his mind up that nothing would stop him from graduating. And  nothing did. God is evident in this man and by the grace of God, today Richard is drug free and doing well.

John Canfield grew up around drugs his whole life, John was set free from his addiction and blessed with relief from some legal issues. John is starting a construction company with fellow graduate Mike Gutilla. Today John is drug free and doing well.

Bert Suggs has made a transformation both physically and spiritually. Bert was a  blessing the whole time he was here and always had a big smile on his face. Today Bert is employed, drug free, and doing well.  He is starting his own business and will be serving on the Warrior Center Board of Directors representing the men of the program.

Casey Carpenter blessed us with an awesome testimony. Casey touched many lives with his willingness to share the gospel and his passion for helping others. Casey quoted his 50 scriptures like he was preaching a sermon. Today Casey is drug free and doing well.

Billy Crane once had it all. A wife, kids that loved him and owned his own business.  He had boats, cars, and four-wheelers. But what he didn't have was Jesus. Billy now is the manager for Warrior Contractors and does an outstanding job.   He is drug free and doing well.

Jamie Murry has had his share of ups and downs. Graduating Warriors Center has definitely been one of his ups. More importantly today Jamie is drug free and doing well.

Damenion Richmond grew up in a violent neighborhood and ended up in the criminal  justice center desperate for a new life. He found Warriors Center and Jesus gave him his new life. Today he is employed and drug free.

Joey Stone not only had mental illness, but Joey also had an addiction that had consumed his life. Today Joey is drug free and doing well. 




This year, please remember the Warriors Center in your holiday giving decisions.


Your generosity will have a powerful impact on eternity for those in need of spiritual help, tangible love, and the deliverance from addiction. Every gift matters.


Last year 49 broken men residing in our program gave their heart to the Lord, 14 graduated the one year discipleship program (the most in our history), 18 men participated in five Missions Trips and Warriors Center men conducted 174 outreaches and service work projects in the City of Memphis. Now that's a return on your investment that you simply can't get anywhere else!




Please make all checks payable to Warriors Center and mail to: 
634 Semmes 
Memphis, TN 38111


We are also set up to receive online donations via our website: 



  • New Heating and A/C UNIT....$5,000
  • Workbooks for Substance Abuse...$1,000
  • Needed work van repairs.....$2,000
  • Winter work clothing.....$1,000
  • Dishwasher.......$1,800
  • Special Needs: Twin Blankets-Twin Sheets-Pillows-Pillow Cases-Deodorant-Toothpaste-Soap-Shampoo 

Every Gifts Matters.


OUR GOAL......$12,000.00 during this 12 Days


For more information or to schedule a tour call our Program Director Landon Clay @ 901.628.1979  






Give 365  

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