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  • 12 Days of Holiday Giving!
  • Try Dysport Free Dec. 7
  • Reminder: Open House coupons
  • Skillpower not Willpower to stay fit through the holidays
Holiday Candles 12 Days of Holiday Giving Sale December 3-18, 2012, Only
We'd like to help you take the stress out of holiday giving, while also providing your friends and loved ones with the gift of health and rejuvenation this holiday season. For 12 business days only we're offering a 15%+ discount on selected items to make your holiday gift-giving easier than ever. Browse our sale items! Happy holidays from our family to yours!

Dysport Free

Try Dysport Freee: December 7, 2012
If you have never, ever used Dysport at our office or any other office, you are invited to call us to make an appointment to try 50 units of Dysport at no cost to you. Dysport, from the makers of Restylane, is an alternative to Botox that relaxes wrinkle-forming muscles to smooth out your forehead.

The catch? Only that you must call our office at 281-855-2273 quickly as appointment slots are limited and will go very fast!

Open House Attendees: Don't miss out on your coupons
If you attended Open House on November 12, 2012, you got a welcome packet that included four coupons for December 2012 and January-March 2013. They were printed on a bright yellow sheet of paper in your packet. December's coupon will provide much-needed stress relief for this holiday season!

We didn't want you to miss out on your exclusive extended Open House savings available only to event attendees! Be sure to check them out and come in during the appropriate month to redeem them. We look forward to seeing you soon. If you can't take advantage of the coupons for any reason, we would encourage you to pass them on to your friends and family.

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Skillpower, Not Willpower Will Carry You Through The Holidays
Willpower is like a muscle. It can be easily fatigued, but it can also be strengthened. One way research has shown you can strengthen willpower is to preview your day around food, anticipate where issues may come up and plan on how you will deal with them. Write this out and get very specific.

  • What is your plan when coworkers bring a piece of sheet cake during an office birthday party?
  • How do you manage the craving for fast food you get on the drive home from work?
  • What is your strategy for avoiding the temptation of the candy jar at work?
  • What do you do when the kids want pizza out?

No plan means planning to fail. Research shows those who think ahead and have mental images about how to deal are the ones who are successful. Here are a few key things research shows about willpower:

  • Balanced blood sugar levels in the brain increase willpower so eat frequently, but make sure these are snacks of protein and fiber.
  • Take on big mentally draining tasks earlier in the day.
  • Realize that high stress days make your willpower gauge fall drastically. What is your plan to deal with this.

Body change is about SKILLPOWER not willpower!

This article was borrowed from a recent newsletter from Metabolic Effect thanks to our fitness expert, Ramona Stehle.

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