We love how Bible Societies are constantly full of surprises and it is such a blessing for us to be partnering with the Bible Society in Pakistan as they share the love of Jesus through the provision of medical care. We hope you are encouraged!

Pakistan - Nourishing Body and Soul
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Conducting an eye examination in a temporary medical clinic. 

This two fold-project demonstrates the love of God to men and women living in villages, slum areas and remote regions. The aim of this project is to provide medical facilities to people who have no way of reaching the hospitals and no way of affording medical expenses even if they were accessible.

Praise the Lord for the team of the Christian Doctors, Nurses and other volunteers who are willingly working with the Pakistan Bible Society on this life-saving project.

The team provides health care and spiritual nourishment. Working with churches in rural, slum and remote areas, the Bible Society arranges for the medical camp to be set up. Along with medical care is medical education and Bible teaching.

The overall objective of the project is to reduce the unnecessary loss of life among the poorest men & women of villages and slum areas, especially maternal mortality. This brings a beautiful opportunity to provide God's Word and lead people to Jesus for the first time. Bible teaching and distribution go together as well as helping set up listening groups using Faith Comes by Hearing resources designed to help non-readers .

This year has seen 8 camps set up, treating 2,677 people. This is what it takes:

4 Doctors, 4 female nurses, 3 male nurses, 2 Lab technicians, 4 assistants, 4 Bible Society staff, 1 photographer, 2 vans, lots of medical equipment, medication, a portable lab and local church volunteers. 

What an incredible way to demonstrate the love of God as lives are saved and the sick are treated and healed! Minor operations are even possible... and all for people who may never have seen a doctor since they were born and maybe not even then!

This is a loud and clear message that God has not forgotten them.
Praying for Pakistan

Pray for the Doctors, medics and team members  who work voluntarily for the poor people in villages, slums and remote regions .

Pray for the patients that may Lord would impact them both through physical healing and through personal faith in Jesus.

Pray for continued relationships between the churches in these areas and those who have been reached through the medical care .

Pray that God would provide all that is needed to continue and expand this incredible ministry that is literally saving lives!
Week 4: 24 October 2017

...be saved like me...
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People in rural regions are receiving much-needed medical care.

These testimonies demonstrate how we take so much for granted. Praise God for this ministry in Pakistan showing love to those who need it.

My name is Gulshan and I live in a village.  The Government Hospital is very far from  our home. Last year my mother in law died because she did not reach hospital on time during her heart attack. 
I am four months pregnant and last week our pastor announced that a Medical Camp will set up in our village next Sunday after the Sunday service. 
I came for my check up and the doctor asked me to drink milk, eat fruit and meat because I am in anaemic. 
They also delivered me some medicine to use regularly. 
I am thankful that the staff of the Bible Society delivered me an Urdu Bible which I will read daily with my husband. I feel that this good work because many of the women can be saved like me.

My name is Marriam and I was married 6 year before. I have three kids. My elder son is four and half years. He is paralysed because he got Polio in his second year.  
One day our Church Pastor came to our home and informed about the medical camp in Church building. Next day I went with my kids to the camp. Doctors examined me and asked to use a good diet for good health. They diagnosed me and  suggested medicine. 
I am thankful to God for this opportunity that I will be spend a good healthy life in future. 
They also talked to me about vaccinating my children properly.
Anthony Lamuel is the General Secretary in the Bible Society in Pakistan. He  will be arriving in Dublin on Friday 27th October and spending the weekend in Fermanagh. 

Anthony will be speaking in Ardess Church of Ireland (Kesh) at 9.30am and 11am on Sunday 29th October.  
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