THANK YOU for being part of the '12 Prayers' team this year. Each week we are highlighting one of the projects that people from Northern Ireland have invested in throughout 2017. God is changing lives and you are part of that! Praise God for how he is bringing his light to elderly people in Chile as they gather around his Word.

'Light at Sunset' in Chile
Studying God's Word together has become so important in the lives of these women who are often alone and isolated. God has made his presence so real as His Word has come alive for them. 

Some years ago, the Bible Society in Chile had a dream of seeing isolated and lonely elderly people brought into fellowship around the Word of God.

Their plan emerged into a simple but effective model. Through volunteers from local churches, they invite elderly people in a local area to gather in small Bible study groups. They gather in churches, homes or even residential homes.

Each group member receives a large or giant print Bible. The dream is of course, to see people coming to know Jesus, growing in faith and sharing with those around them.

It has been a joy for us here in Bible Society NI to be part of this project as many of you have prayed and supported it in response to our magazine and website. We love how the eldery in Chile are being honoured. 

It was lovely to receive this feedback from Rodolfo in Chile:

"We thank the Lord for the Churches, Pastors and Leaders that have taken on the challenge and commitment to study the Word with elderies. It is very satisfying to talk to "grandparents" who are integrated into communities and are given the space to share their concerns with others.

"With great joy we hear the testimonies of grandparents who like to share with others as they study and reflect on the Word of God and praise the Lord. They tell us that they have grown in knowledge and wisdom, that they have learned that the Bible is a guide for each day, that the Lord cares for them and knows each one of their thoughts. 

"When we ask them what they like most, they say they come to a place where they feel cared for and loved. They express that they have understood about the dependence of God, that the Lord always covers them, accompanies them and listens.

"We thank the Lord for the "grandparents", that their lives have been transformed through the gospel."

Praying for 'Light at Sunset'

Praise God for the partnerships that enable this project to continue, ask for an increase in faith, interest and provision that might allow more people to find fellowship and faith in their later years.

Pray for older people who do not know the Lord and for those who cannot read the Bible because of problems with their sight.

Pray for the Churches of Chile that have taken up the challenge of working with elderly. May the Lord give them strength and wisdom.
Week 2: 10 October 2017

The impact of gathering around God's Word
Seniors Group with new Bibles.JPG
Let us introduce you to a few of the members of a group that meets in the city of Calama, 960 miles north of Santiago. 

Edith and Yorka run this group. They are committed women who collect and care for the 'grandparents' in their care. Below are a few testimonies that demonstrate what God is doing through these groups.
Light at Sunset. Lilian.JPG

For me, the Bible is everything. I read the Bible and the Word raises me ... I feel that I am the Lord's favourite sheep and if I get lost he will come out to find me and never leave me alone.

I like to participate in elderlies group because I find peace and learn from the Word and learn from the testimonies of my other brothers and sisters who participate with me. 

I would like more older adults to participate in this group.
I thank the Lord for the strength He has given me.

Light at Sunset. maria

I like to participate in this elderies group because I find peace, I like to participate in this group because I like to talk with other people.

For me, the Bible is a complete book, a book that teaches everything. 

When I read the Bible I reassure myself because I feel the Lord speaking to me.

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