We have been partnering with other Bible Societies for a number of years to support the incredible Bread of Life programme in Peru. You can see the projects in action in the video below that the Canadian Bible Society recently made. It is such a blessing to be part of this wonderful ministry, changing so many young lives. We know that many of you feel the same. Thank you for your support. Read more here...

Bread of Life for Peru's Children
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Bread of Life project is giving children physical and spiritual nourishment. Click the image above to see a short video from Peru. (Thanks to our friends at the Canadian Bible Society.)

The Peruvian Bible Society has been running the Bread of Life project for seventeen years. Offering physical and spiritual aid to children in extreme poverty in the rural areas of Cusco in southern Peru and the shanty towns in and around Lima. 

The Bread of Life project has reached over 5,000 children who have received a daily nutritious breakfast, Bible classes and age-appropriate materials. The children have been introduced to the Gospel and Christian values, and encouraged to develop good habits such as tidiness, discipline, punctuality and cleanliness. The impact of this project is huge.

Children are learning Bible stories, songs and life lessons. They are coming to know Jesus and learning to trust him. How lovely that they are also having daily food provided which helps keep them healthy and increase their capacity to learn.

Not only that but 464 children received backpacks with school supplies, 879 children received Bibles in a contemporary language translation and 250 of the neediest children received kits containing blankets, gloves and woolly hats.

The improvement in the health, emotional and mental states of these precious children is noticeable. Their parents say that, were it not for the programme, they would not receive that kind of breakfast. It is also lovely to see that some of the children's mothers are volunteering with the project, joining with volunteers from local churches to make and serve the meals. Friendships are forming and these women are making connections with churches, so they too are hearing about Jesus, and seeing his love demonstrated towards their children.
Praying for the Bread of Life Ministry

Pray for the children who are able to be part of the Bread of Life ministry. May they know the love of God as they are fed physically and spiritually. May they grow strong in body and spirit.

Praise God for the partner churches and volunteers who are working to bring the love of God into the lives of these children.

Pray for the mums who are volunteering also, that they would be drawn into healthy friendships and connected to churches. Pray they too would come to know Jesus.

Thank God for the many years of provision for this ministry, pray for an increase and a miraculous outpouring of provision. There are so many more children who would benefit from the Bread of Life.
Week 8: 21 November 2017

Somewhere safe
Quechua child
Without the meal provided by Bread of Life ministry, many  children would remain hungry

Pedro is no longer alone

Pedro is 11 years old and lives with his dad in Lima. His mum lives in the city of Cusco with his sister.  He has not heard from them for four years now. " At first I missed them both a lot, but as time goes by we've got used to it," says Pedro.

Pedro's dad works long hours as a cleaner. This is a steady job and gives some stability for them, but Pedro is alone a lot and has had to learn to cook and do the chores. His dad was worried about him spending so much time alone while he works. Then someone recommended that Pedro be registered in the Bread of Life project.

Pedro says, " I'm very grateful for that because they support me with food, help with homework and teach me interesting lessons from the Bible. Every day we get a tasty snack that helps me to grow, to be strong and to study harder. Thank you."

Pedro now has a good meal made for him every day. He and his dad are both thankful he came to the Bread of Life project and has learned to pray and read the Bible. 

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