Reaching people with God's Word can be a difficult task, especially with added hurdles! For those who cannot read printed text due to impaired vision, it is so important that they can still have access to the Bible and can be integrated fully into church and society. Sadly, this can be quite a challenge...

Braille and Audio Bibles in Ghana
Braille distribution
Pupils in a school for the blind in Ghana were excited to receive Gospels in Braille.

It is often the case that people with visual disabilities are mariginalised in their communities. This is true in Ghana where a family may see a blind child as cursed and hide them away, so excluding them from education, church and even simple family life. 

The Bible Society in Ghana is working to reach out to people who are visually impaired. By making the Bible available in Large Print, Braille and audio formats, many are beginning to see their lives changing. The materials are being made available through schools, churches and libraries. These include HIV education materials, Scripture and special material designed for children in primary to senior high schools.

The Bible Society is also working hard in Ghana to raise awareness in their communities of the need to include people with visual disabilities in their churches and communities. They are seeking to break down the stigma that is still widely held.

The dream is to see more people equipped to interact with God's Word and empowered to boldly share their faith with their family and friends. It would also be so encouraging to see people with visual disability fully involved in church and community activities.
Praying for Ministry in Ghana

Pray for each person who receives Scripture. Pray that they will be excited and hungry to read and understand the message. Pray that many will respond to what they read.

Pray for the Bible Society staff as they continue to co-ordinate the project. Pray for the administration and organisation needed to order, ship and distribute resources.

Thank God for Bible Society partnerships that are enabling churches, schools and libraries to work together and receive Scripture material and resources.

Please pray for blessing  on this ministry - would the team see fruit for their labour. Pray for a time of harvest. 

Pray too for funding and an outpouring of God's favour, that the ministry will not just be able to continue, but that it will be able to increase and grow.
Week 7: 14 November 2017

A Dream on Course
Access to the Bible in Braille is restoring lost hope.

Atsitsogbe - hope restored

Atsitsogbe is 20 years old and was born in Bator in Ghana. Neither of his parents were literate and when he was born with low vision they did not detected it in his early years. 

As he grew, his condition deteriorated and soon became very apparent. He eventually lost all of his vision. 

Atsitsogbe began to feel really remorseful, he did not feel truly human. That's when he found himself living with constant suicidal thoughts. Naturally, his parents became increasingly worried for their son.

Atsitsogbe had a dream of being a lawyer, something that seemed completely out of reach until his parents enrolled him at aschool for the blind so he could receive formal education. It was in school that  Atsitsogbe came into contact with the Bible and began to understand God's love for him...

"God bless the Bible Society of Ghana for the support in donating these braille materials to our special school. These materials have been very resourceful to me. The thoughts to end my life has ceased. I now understand God cares and loves me. I have begun encouraging other friends who have such thoughts and many of them now believe in God.

My reading skills have been deeply enhanced due to this benevolent support from the Bible Society of Ghana. I have confidence that God is going to help me fulfil my dream as a lawyer"

- Atsitsogbe .
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