The people of Egypt continue to suffer at the hands of terrorists. Christians are often the target, although as last week's attack showed, not always. Despite this, the Bible Society team there work to make God's Word known in so many ways. One of their main focuses is reaching the next generation.

Egypt's Next Generation
Children attending Kingo events not only have great fun and make new friends but most importantly, they learn how much they are loved by God and are called to live for Him.

The Bible Society in Egypt have responded to the needs of children in their country. Children who are living in poverty, children who are traumatised by terror attacks, children who need some joy in their lives.

This is where the idea for a children's ministry came about. Today, the Bible Society co-ordinate a ministry reaching thousands of children each year. It is called 'Kingo'. Based around the main character of Kingo the lion. Kingo appears on a popular television programme, watched by many children throughout Egypt. He is a big lion who loves the Bible. He shares stories with children, teaching them the values and lessons that can be found in Scripture.

The Bible Society has brought Kingo to life. Now children in Egypt can come along to a Kingo Festival and meet the lion themselves. The Bible Society runs these festivals with the help of many volunteers. They lead hundreds of kids in singing and praying and they play games and do quizzes. The Bible is opened and the kids have the opportunity to hear stories being read and acted out. Kingo and his puppet friends and helpers bring Bible stories to life for many children who will have never engaged in God's Word in such a creative way before.

When Kingo visited the kids who had fled the danger, their faces lit up.

Children need to know they are loved, cared for and not forgotten. They also need to be allowed to be children - to play, laugh and learn. The Kingo ministry is able to wrap all of these things together, ultimately showing the children of Egypt that God loves them.

Praying for Children in Egypt

Prayer points

Pray that the Kingo events will be a real help for thousands of children, pre-school and older, to develop an attachment to the Bible and understand how God's Word is relevant to their lives.
Pray for creative ideas, continued opportunities and freedom. Pray for power and enthusiasm of the staff and volunteers. Pray that the lives of these children as well as their families be changed as a result of the Holy Spirit's work through His Word.
Pray for security and safety of events and all attending .
Week 9: 28 November 2017

Trusting Jesus
Children are learning to put their faith in God and trust in the truth of His Word..

Hanan - 12 years old

"I am very easily scared, and in many villages around our village we watched very bad news about houses being attacked. 

In my village, the fundamentalists started to attack our houses and they started to come closer to our house. I was very very scared because I was hearing the shouting and the screams of our neighbours and their children. 

I brought my illustrated Bible I received lately from my church, and I read Jesus' story of calming the sea storm to my younger sister and brother, we prayed together to stop the attacking, and it happened. 

They did not attack our house, they stopped when we unite together in praying, Jesus still can calm the storm."

Beshoy - 8 years old

Beshoy attended a Kingo festival, where the drama was about bullying in a class. He shared , "I will stand for myself and I will not let Kirulus the big guy in our class scare me anymore, I will tell my teacher about him and he will not force me to do anything." Then he stopped for a while to think and he told me "Maybe I will bring him with me to Sunday school."

These stories show children making choices to be like Jesus, deciding to trust His Word and live in HIS way. May they continue to walk in HIS way all their lives.

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