If you support the Bible Society in NI, prayerfully or financially (either personally or through your church) then we thank you because you are a part of what God is doing in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh - A Very Different Christian Life
There are opportunities to share God's Word with millions who know nothing of the message of Salvation. People are eager to receive Bible Selections at festivals. 

There are 165 million people living in Bangladesh and only 0.6% are Christian. There are 46 different language groups and a great need to reach them with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. With so few Christians who are mainly from very poor backgrounds, the Church in Bangladesh is struggling to support any kind of missional work.

Also, this is a Muslim-majority country where fundamentalism is growing. Constitutionally, Christians have religious freedom, but openly sharing of their faith is not easy, so distributing Scripture through churches and at festivals, running revival meetings and offering services to the communities is so important.

This is where we are thrilled to partner with other Bible Societies around the world, to help ensure that the distribution of God's Word can continue in this difficult country. We are so privileged to support the small staff team in Bangladesh Bible Society and the many incredible ministries they are running in partnership with local churches, to reach out to the millions of people who are without Christ.

The Bible Society is the only provider of the Scripture within the country, to the churches in Bangladesh. They also help churches establish many different programmes that impact entire communities with God's Word.

Due to the political situation, it is not possible to send Bibles through post offices or courier services and the journey to reach isolated communities can be challenging. However, the Bible Society team is determined to deliver the Word of God where it is needed. They visit churches in rural communities to bring Bibles, booklets, leaflets for outreach, literacy course materials, Bible listening materials, teaching courses for children's groups and much more.

This can be a risky business but every year there are many opportunities: 6 distribution tours; 6-8 revival meetings organised by local churches; 8-10 special national and international days; Christian, Muslim or Hindu festivals. The team also travel to host Seminars and teaching programmes with Scripture distribution to children, youth and women.

The team is dreaming of a new 15 seater Van to help distribute Scriptures all over Bangladesh. Their current vehicle is old and has been damaged in accidents. They are dreaming and trusting God for a replacement that meets their needs!

Praying for Bangladesh

Pray for Scripture distribution work which can be risky as they reach people of other faiths.  Pray for those who receive God's Word, that they have faith in Jesus.

Pray for the people of Bangladesh who are struggling for survival due to the unsteady economic situation.

Pray for those badly suffering from recent flooding. They need food, drinking water, need to rebuild homes etc. Life for many is unbearably challenging.

Pray that God would provide a vehicle that meets the ministry needs, yet exceeds the expectations of the team! Our God is able.

Week 3: 17 October 2017

I received Jesus in my life
Bangladesh listening group
Read this beautiful testimony of how one lady's life has completely changed through a literacy programme.

Mina - 45 - Housewife

Mina studied up to year three in school, so she left with very little education. Her husband is a farmer and earns around £90/month. They have a son who is able to attend school.

They attend a church in the rural district where they live. They are new believers and were interested when they heard about a literacy class where they could develop their reading skills while also growing in their faith. 

Mina was very excited about the class. She shared that, " Before attending this class I could not read any book. I forgot everything which I learned several years ago. I desired to read and write but I did not have any opportunity to do so. Even I did not know Bible stories.''

She also added, "I was so curious to know about Jesus Christ, and my desire has been fulfilled after attending this literacy class. I personally came to know Jesus from stories which are given in the literacy books and CDs.''

The literacy class helped Mina learn to read but more importantly, it transformed her life. She spoke of how the story of "Widows offering'' touched and moved her. Through this story she learnt about giving to God.

Mina is now able to read clearly, and she is helping her family to learn now too. She has learned many Biblical stories, which she now shares with her neighbours.

Mina also attends church regularly and gives her tithe according to her ability. This is because she has a new life in Jesus.

Mina says, "I decided to lead my life according to the teaching of Jesus because I received Him in my life."

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