China is a complex country for ministry. There are incredible opportunities as well as remaining tension. There is a growing Church but not enough Bibles or pastors. We are so blessed and thankful that we can continue partnering with the huge Bible distribution efforts in China. Thank you for joining us!

Bibles for China's Millions
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Praise God for doing so much more than we could ask or imagine. Click the image to watch a very short, very encouraging video. God is good!

The Christian population in Mainland China continues to grow, with an official estimate of 40 million Christians and an unofficial estimate of 100 million. Hence, there is a great demand for Bibles each year. 

Since the establishment of Amity Printing Company in 1987, 80 million Bibles have been printed and distributed in China (another 80 million Bibles have been printed in China and distributed in other countries). United Bible Societies partner with Amity to cover the cost of Bible paper, and our Bible Society in Northern Ireland has been part of the international effort to provide God's Word in China. We know that many of you have donated towards Bible paper for China. Thanks to you, there are many people who now own Bibles.

It is truly wonderful that 80 million Bibles have been printed, yet if we compare this number with the unofficial total number of Christians in China, there is still a great need for more.

Chinese Christians are known to love reading the Bible. Many Christians and churches in China have a practice of giving out Bibles to new Christians as a gift and to non-Christian friends or relatives as a form of outreach. So the subsidised printing of Bibles is so important to support the evangelistic efforts to people who simply could not afford a Bible otherwise.

The majority of the Christians in Mainland China still live in rural parts. Most rural churches have pastors who care for several churches over a widespread region, often pastoring thousands of people. Congregations are often exposed to false teaching from other religions, so it is vitally important that believers have God's Word to root their faith on, helping them to walk in light and truth.


People in Northern Ireland have been twinning their Bibles with ones in China. It's a wonderful reminder to keep praying for those receiving Scripture for the first time. Read about it on our website - 

Keep an eye out for our Word at Work magazine in January. There will be an article from Rev Brian Anderson with his reflections on a recent visit to China, including Amity Printing Company.
Praying for Bibles in China

Pray for more Bibles for the growing population of Christians in China and for those who are still waiting for their own their personal Bible.

Pray for approval from the authorities so that nothing will stand in the way of spreading God's Word.

Thank God for Bible Society partnerships and pray for ongoing funding from the international community of supporters.

Pray for each Christian who receives a copy of the Bible that they may read and understand the Word of God and be nurtured and transformed.

Pray for each non-believer or seeker who receives a copy of the Bible, that their heart will be opened to the voice of God as he speaks through his living Word.

Praise God for the huge amount of Bibles that Amity Press and the United Bible Societies have been able to print and distribute. God's hand on this partnership is so evident. Praise Him for the vision planted years ago and for His continued favour. Pray for an increase and even greater openings so that more people may know Jesus as Lord.
Week 6: 7 November 2017

Moved to Repentance
Zhang Tao - transformed

Zhang Tao comes from a middle-income family. With no financial worries to trouble him, life should have been comfortable and smooth sailing. 

However, an early entry into the work force at 15 led him into bad company and drugs. Substance abuse was to plague him for the next 16 years. 

"During those 16 years, I suffered tremendous physical and mental torture... my despair would become unbearable," Zhang Tao recounted.

Not wanting to see his parents' despondence, he left home, only returning when he was at his wit's end.

However, even in this dark crisis, God was not far away. In October 2011, he received his first Bible at the Drug Rehabilitation Centre. "I held it carefully in my hands because it felt like I had just received a sacred gift. My heart was filled with joy and I was very touched."

Curious about the Book and its contents, Zhang began reading in earnest. "Scripture showed me my own sinfulness and the liberation from sin I could have through the grace of Christ. The Bible moved me to repentance. In that process, I also received hope and comfort. It helped me get out of my drug addiction which had tormented me for 16 years."

To Zhang, the Bible is the guiding compass of life. "Without it, a person loses his direction in life," Zhang shared with conviction. Today, Zhang looks back to his dark past as a reminder of what he had been saved from and how God had reached out to help him confront his problems.

"Without the Bible, my life would not be transformed at all and I would still be living in my past pain and struggles, caught in a chaotic lifestyle, steeped with interpersonal problems. Now, I can live a truly joyful life in Christ. The Word of God has strengthened me to face the challenges of life and not be fearful of failure. Because of His Word, I can press on courageously."

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Chinese Christians react with sheer joy when they finally receive the Word of God.

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