Catherine Little, General Secretary here at Bible Society NI, was able to visit the Bible Society in Cambodia earlier this year and witness first-hand some of the ways that God is reaching people on the margins of society.

Reaching Cambodia's Marginalised
People in this newly planted church are thrilled with their new Bibles. This is a floating village where people still live a fairly traditional lifestyle despite the invasion of tourism.

Thoughts of genocide and 'killing fields' are at the forefront of many of our minds when we think of Cambodia. There is no doubt that the genocide in the 70's still impacts the people today, as a whole generation of educated people - leaders, professionals and intellectuals - were brutally killed.

The education levels remain low and there are many who live in poverty, particularly in the rural communities which can be rather remote. But the Bible Society in Cambodia put a lot of effort in to reaching people who are marginalised due to poverty. Being poor should not disqualify people from hearing and knowing the Word of God.

Catherine Little joined some of the team to visit some of the churches in rural provinces in Cambodia who have benefited from Bible Society ministry. Not only are Bibles being distributed to those who would otherwise be unable to afford them, but Bible-based literacy groups are being established, helping people begin to take steps out of poverty.

Much of the Scripture distribution focuses on young people and children, as 60% of the population of Cambodia are under 25 years old. Catherine had the joy of seeing the excitement with which Bible resources were received and the eagerness of children to begin reading their books immediately.

Not only do the Bible Society visit regions where people are marginalised, they also recognise that life's circumstances can cause people to become isolated. For this reason, the Bible Society makes the Bible available to soldiers living away from home and to prisoners. While their society has locked them away out of sight, their creator still sees them and offers hope.

These are just a few of the ways the Bible Society in Cambodia shares Jesus with people who are marginalised. Partnering with local churches and working with volunteers is key to the spread of God's Word in Cambodia. Praise God that many hearts are open to His Word.

Praying for Cambodia

Pray for safety and protection for the distribution teams who travel many miles each year, often on remote and unpaved roads

Pray that God's Word will bring salvation to the poorest of the poor, bringing transformation to their personal lives and to their communities.

Pray that good relationships will continue to be formed with partners that will glorify God and further His kingdom.
Week 10: 05 December 2017

Thanks to God

village distribution.jpg
People living in remote villages receive the Bible with sheer delight.

Serey - Church Leader

Serey is a young dynamic church leader from Popel in Siem Reap province, an area known for it's ancient temples and now flooded with tourism.

Poverty does not just impact on those in rural areas, urban churches can also know the struggle to simply survive. Serey shares a little of that struggle here:

"I have been concerned about how few Bibles we have here. There are many churches but only about 30 Bibles in total. 

Then God reminded me about the Bible Society in Cambodia, so I requested some Bibles from them. First they needed to learn about our situation and understand how needy we were. But now God has answered our prayers and this month the Bible Society arrived as promised and distributed Bibles to the poor churches as well as some children's books, all free of charge.

On behalf of the churches, I give my respect and gratitude to the Bible Society of Cambodia, which provided Bibles and other literature to the poor, and I give thanks to the living God who knows our difficulties and has answered our prayers in an amazing way."

Catherine saw children in rural Cambodia who could not wait to start reading their new Bible comic books.

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