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July 31, 2018
Executive Director's Message
VOTE Troy Balderson in the 12th District special election on Aug. 7
The 12th District includes Delaware, Licking, and Morrow counties, plus parts of Franklin, Marion, Muskingum, and Richland. If you live in this District, please READ THIS ...
Dear Friend,

Ohio's 12th District is in danger of being lost to a gun grabber. That's why it's vital that you VOTE for BFA and NRA endorsed Troy Balderson.

Here's the situation ...

When Pat Tiberi resigned his office, it left an open seat in Congress. So a special election was scheduled in Ohio for August 7.

Troy Balderson is our endorsed candidate and rated "A" by the NRA. We need him to represent Ohio gun owners in the U.S. Congress.

But his opponent, Danny "Ban Guns" O'Conner is threatening to flip the district.

O'Conner is rated "F" by the NRA. He's endorsed by gun-grabbing Gabrielle Giffords. He's marched with the Parkland astroturf kids who want to take your guns away. O'Conner has called for banning "assault" weapons, is in favor "red flag" laws to seize guns without due process, and wants to prevent teachers from being armed in schools to protect kids.

If O'Conner wins the 12th District, we will have another anti-gun voice selling out Ohio's gun owners in the U.S. House.


If you live in the 12th District, get out and VOTE on August 7 for Troy Balderson! We need every gun owner in the 12th District to VOTE and keep the district pro-gun.

The nation is watching this special election and making predictions about what will happen in the November general election based on what happens this coming Tuesday. So it's doubly important to VOTE BALDERSON!

Vote for Freedom!
Dean Rieck
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