Sea Hag Marina
This week 08-23-17
Hannah Beach from Gainesville, FL, loaded her bag with scallops.

Matthew, Mitchell & Donald Fine and friends from Jacksonville, FL, hauled in a load of fish!

John Michael from Hastings, FL, reeled in this nice grouper while offshore with friends and family. 

Abby Walkup from Sebring, FL, is holding her 1st red snapper. 
Sweet & Spicy Sriracha Red Snapper

Victoria Tkalych and the Johnson family out of Columbus, GA, found their scallop limit aboard the "Screaming Barnacle" rental boat.

Larry and Angelo Bonadeo with their family from Stewart, FL, loaded their cooler with scallops.

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Jake and Brittany DuPont, Scott Lightcap and Jim Childs from Flagler County really enjoyed gathering scallops in Steinhatchee.

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Carter and Grayson Sirdevan and Dillion Crews out of Fleming Island, FL, had fun gathering  scallops.



Capt. Grant Wilson made sure that Frankie got his redfish before the end of the day.

Colby and Colton Snyder of Steinhatchee, FL, love fishing with their mom and dad.

Sea Hag's Kristin Skipper is showing off a red snapper that was brought back on an offshore trip.

Derek Snyder is holding up a red snapper brought in by Capt. Brett Molzen.

Donald Fine and Alan Stevens from Jacksonville, FL, each hooked up a red snapper.

Brittany Snyder hooked her first redfish while fishing with her son, Colton. 

Capt. Brett Molzen from Steinhatchee, FL, wrestled another cobia while spear fishing.

Justin Tell from Gainesville, FL, is holding up a nice redfish he landed while wading in the flats.

The Snyder family found huge scallops up north.

Sea Hag's pool was the happening place this past weekend.
Liz and Terry Smith from Wisconsin caught this hefty red snapper together.

Thaddeus, Michael, Liz, Abby, Isabella, Richard Sr., and Richard Jr. Callahan from Daytona, FL, took the family on a scalloping adventure and did very well.

Madison Mathis of Hastings, FL, landed this red snapper about 50 miles out.

Steve Sullivan, Rich Borden, Max Power and Steve Turner from Georgia, North and South Carolina went scalloping out of Steinhatchee and had a blast.

The Sanders, Capasso, Green, Mason, Langford and Stockton families all from Jacksonville, FL, have been coming to Sea Hag for Scallop Season for 20 years.

Michael, Tricia and Madison Mathis, Rad and Kelly Bland, JT Bell and John Michael out of Hastings, FL, filled the board with fish!

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Krista and Jake Hodges, Kelly, Joe and Justin Hamilton and Karla Simonet from Cocoa Beach, FL, really enjoyed scalloping on the west coast of Florida.

Will Anderson from Tifton, GA, reeled in a few hogfish in the rain.

J&J Strong's crew of Lee Rogers, Jacob Johnson, Jarod Johnson, Stevie McGuire and Matt Gasler all from Madison, FL, and Sea Hag's crew of Charlie Norwood, Chase-N-Fish and Brett Molzen hauled in a mess of fish.

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Saxman Underwood of Stanford, FL, and Meyer Kersting of Ponte Vedra, FL, are showing off all the scallops they collected with their families.

Donald Fine from Jacksonville, FL, is holding the only mahi-mahi that made it onto the boat this trip.

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Mikel Jean Cress from Jacksonville, FL, loaded his bag with scallops.

Chuck and Kathie Railey from Live Oak, FL, limited out on scallops in one hour with the help of Capt. Kyle Skipper.

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Lee Rogers, Jacob Johnson, Jarod Johnson, Stevie McGuire and Matt Gasler of Madison, FL, along with Charlie Norwood, Chase-N-Fish and Brett Molzen caught several keeper fish.

Kyle, Casie and Red from Jacksonville, FL, limited out on scallops.

Haley Clyatt, Bubba Bryan and Jason Delaney from Ocala, FL, gathered a few scallops using one of Sea Hag's rental boats.

Dawn Taylor from Perry, FL, took Ashley and Casey Viola out scalloping.

Claire Sykes from Elkton, FL, is all matching with her mask, snorkel and shirt while scalloping.

Evan Cutt and Alina Rodriguez helped limit out their boat with scallops, even with a cast on his arm. 

Monica Bazinet can not wait to come back to Sea Hag and go scalloping again.

Check out this awesome aerial photo of Sea Hag Marina!
This handsome young man is Grayson Sykes from Elkton, FL, and he is keeping watch for his family while they collect scallops. 
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