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L-R... NTN-Bower, Steve Hensley; MAEDCO Board President, Eric Moe; Capital Power, Matt Martin; Pella Corporation, John Finn.

L-R... MAEDCO Board President, Eric Moe; Hy-Vee, Curtis Bortell; Centuery 21, Lorraine Epperson; Princess Shoppe, Dennis Moon;  MAEDCO Executive Director, Kim Pierce.

Area Manufacturers Announce Multi-Million Investments

At MAEDCO's Annual Business meeting (February 16) Pella Corporation and    NTN-Bower announced they have been investing millions in new equipment (over the past several months) as part of their plan to expand into new markets. NTN has invested over $80 million to ramp-up its automotive parts production and Pella is expanding into the core and ultra luxury window markets.

  Additionally, updates on the proposed wind farm, Cardinal Point Wind, were provided. The wind farm borders Warren and McDonough County and encompasses 18,000 acres. The $250 million project is expected to go to construction late 2018 and create 150-200 construction jobs.

Following the approval of minutes, financial report, and the recognition of retiring directors (pictured above), four members were voted onto MAEDCO Board:    Curtis Bortell, Hy-Vee (Associate), Lorraine Epperson, Century 21 (Associate), Bill Butcher, Macomb Airport Authority (Associate), and Dennis Moon, Princess Shoppe (Sustaining). 

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2017 Cooperative Marketing Advertising

For the fourth year in a row... MAEDCO is participating in the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity's 2017 edition of  Illinois: The State of Innovation  magazine. The ads (see above) will appear online at  as well as in print beginning April 2017.  Copies of the magazine  will be distributed both internationally and nationally throughout the year.  

Macomb/Bushnell Enterprise Zone

Two months, twenty five meetings, and over a thousand pages later... The Macomb/Bushnell Enterprise Zone Application "To Add Territory" was submitted to the State in November 2016 and approved December 28, 2016. Additionally, our application for a "Technical Correction" was approved on November 17, 2016.
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