A Note From Your First Grade Teachers
First Grade Connections
December 8th, 2016
Dear First Grade Families,

Winter is upon us and winter break is sneaking up quickly. The students are immersed in so many exciting projects that our days are full and flying by. We are excited about Winter Concert, Grandparent's Day and our Winter Celebration. We would like to thank everyone for participating in the Adopt-A-Family program. You have certainly made the holidays special for a local family in need.


Your First Grade Team
Stephanie Hanepen, Lesley Stevens and Vienna Klingele 
What We Have Been Learning
Ask Your Child About

Talking with you child is the best way to support their learning and the following questions will help you get started.

  • What does it mean to "Zoom in" when you are writing? (Room 8)
  • What does "interdependence" mean?
  • Find an object in your house and talk about its properties as a family.
  • What is a Key? How is a key helpful when you are looking at maps?
  • Tell me a subtraction story! 
  • What sorts of things can you do during Word Work?
  • Thanks to all of you who have already donated to our Annual Fund! Your donation bridges the gap between tuition and the true amount needed to fund our programs. First Grade's parent participation stands at 70%. If you haven’t already taken the opportunity to contribute, please click here to make your gift today. 
Helpful Links
Upcoming Events
Winter Concert / Grandparents & Special Friends Day
Friday, December 16th
Kohrs Family Center
8:30 a.m.
Please make sure your child  wears a nice black top with jeans or khakis. The girls are welcome to wear black dresses.  Winter hats, or other "rocker" type hats are also welcome. 
  First Grade Academic Celebration
Thursday, January 5th, 2017
8:30 a.m.
Please join us in our classrooms for a celebration of learning.  
The students will be showing off their work from the first trimester.  
Field Trips

Our next field trip will be to see the ODC perform the Velveteen Rabbit at the Novellus Theatre in San Francisco on  Friday, December 9th
Mystery Reader
Thanks to our Mystery Readers
Photos & Videos
Do you have photos or videos you'd be willing to share with the school?  Please click here to upload them to SmugMug, or email us at communications@seacrestschool.org.
How to Reach Us
If questions ever arise, please do not hesitate to reach out! We are available by email at:  shanepen@seacrestschool.org lstevens@seacrestschool.org  and  vklingele@seacrestschool.org . Email is our preferred method of communication. We will check our email after school daily. If there is an emergency, please call Cathy at the front desk, at  650.712.9892 .
Thank You
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