A Note From Your First Grade Teachers
First Grade Connections
November 3rd, 2016
Dear First Grade Families,

Welcome to November! We are so excited about all the amzaing learning that is taking place in the classrooms right now. The students have shown a lot of growth in the past 2 months and are more and more like first graders each day.  We are constantly surprised by the curosity and excitement of your children. Thank you for sharing them with us each day. While we are on the topic of ''thank yous'-we want to extend a huge thanks to the parents that planned, prepared and chaperoned our Halloween celcbration on Monday. It went very smoothly and everyone, including our 5th grade learning biddies, had a super time.  


Your First Grade Team
Stephanie Hanepen, Lesley Stevens and Vienna Klingele 
Here's What We've Been Up To:
Now that we have learned about our classroom libraries and how to choose 'Just Right' books. The students continue to work on building their stamina for reading independently.  This week we introduced the students to their 'book bags'. These are the bags that they will keep their books in for independent reading time. They will 'shop' for books from the classroom library regularly to keep their books fresh and at their appropriate reading level. In addition we have introduced the students to the 'five finger rule' to help them while they are reading.  
We continue to work on  our How To Book planners/graphic organizers. The students have become experts at breaking down the steps neccessary to complete their chosen task. The students are recording one step in each box and drawing a simple diagram that they will refer back to when completing their draft in the coming weeks.  
Students have been exploring addition with numbers 0-10. They have learned strategies like 'counting on from the greater number' and using 'number bonds' to complete addition questions. They have been utilzing tools like number lines, counting tape and unifix cubes. The have beeen writing and illustrating their own addition problem stories. Ask them to make up a an addition story for you sometime. We think you will be pleaseantly surprised!
Word Study
The past few weeks we have been exploring the world of Short A. We have been looking at word families like; -at, -an, -ag, -ap, and -ad. We have been reading stories with these words in them and having the students put on their detective hats to find the words. We have been brainstorming as a group to find as many words as possible for each familiy. The highlight for most of the students is working in their purple  Words Their Way  journals to complete the word sorts.
Social Studies
The students continue to research Sea Crest School. We are still in the process of interviewing specialist teachers and administration. We are discussing the differences in people's jobs and the students are enjoying brainstorming questions to suit each individual. The interiews are complete the students create a class book with the information they have gathered.  

The last of our surveys were sent out this week which means that we will have learned something about every student in the school. Some of the questions we asked were; What is your favorite subject? What is your most challenging subject? What is your favorite thing to do at recess? and What special do you ejnoy the most. We tallied the results from our surveys and looked at the data to make comparisons.  

Next week we will begin talking about the physical space of Sea Crest School.
This week we began our science unit on Properties. It tied in perfectly to the work with our brain and being mindful while using your senses. We mindfully explored our sense of touch and listed tons of describing words (properties). We played a blindfold game where the students were blindfolded and had to reach into a bag, picked an item and described what they felt before they guessed what the item was. They were so great at mindful touching that most of them guessed correctly!!
Innovation Lab
The first graders have been visiting the iLab on Thursday afternoons to create, build and explore with various materials. We have been working hard on expectations and routines in the iLab. In order to make the most of our time there, we have been practicing mindful listening and using our Brain Boss. We are working on being able to clean up and rotate quickly between stations so each student has a chance with each material. We have been noticing a great deal of cooperation and collaboration between peers and groups. Way to go!
Upcoming Events
Field Trips

Our next field trip will be to see the ODC perform the Velveteen Rabbit at the Novellus Theatre in San Francisco in December. More details to follow.

Velveteen Rabit
Optional Homework Packages
Mystery Reader
Thanks so much to Kory Mingus (Femke's dad) and Nicole Thompson (Taryn's mom) for volunteering to be Mystery Readers!  
  To sign up to be a Mystery Reader in the future, please click  here  
*** Severe Food Allergies ***
During this time of the year when there are many classroom or school-wide events and celebrations it is important to remember the critical medical challenges food-borne allergies can pose to students. It is especially crucial to be mindful of the potentially life-threatening impact of peanuts and tree nuts. As you send food items to school for group consumption, please review our guidelines from our Family Handbook below.

Some students at Sea Crest have  severe food allergies including dairy, gluten, soy, shellfish, tree nuts and peanuts. These allergies can be life threatening and many times can be triggered by contact alone and not only by ingestion of the food. By far the largest category of severe life threatening allergies comes from nuts.

We ask that the entire Sea Crest community become informed and sensitive to this issue.  When preparing food for potlucks, bake sales, celebrations, or community gatherings, please avoid peanuts and tree nuts and clearly mark any dishes that may include them.

"We are each other's keepers" 
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  • If there is an emergency, please call Cathy at the front desk, at 650.712.9892.
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