Use these 2 great weapons to help our children  
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      80-20 is very proud to hand two powerful weapons to all  AsAms to fight discrimination against our youth.  We urge  you to USE THEM. Forward them to all you friends, whether AsAms or  non-AsAms.  

    The two great weapons/tools are
1) " Ugly facts on discrimination against Asian American youth."  Click here
     to get it and spread it around .  These ugly facts on the discrimination of 
     AsAms by American's  elite colleges must be  made known, before such   
     discrimination  will be  eliminated .

2)  "We seek justice and present forensic evidence against Harvard's 
    Discrimination against AsAm students?"  Click here to get it and pass it         around.  These evidences have been  presented  to  DOJ for   its 
    investigation  against  Harvard.
                               What Has the 1st Tool Achieved?

       The first tool has won our battle in the  "Court of Public Opinion."  

a) Check out an earlier email entitled " We hit a homerun for our children ." 

b) We've tracked the comments on news articles related to college 
   admissions issues in the NYT, WSJ, WashPost and campus papers, 
   including  Crimson of Harvard & Hoya of Georgetown Univ..  The 
   comments are  predominantly against "race conscious admissions".  
   The American general public   is very much with us.

c) This recent Millard Fillmore cartoon, one of the most popular cartoons 
    syndicated since 1994. 

    When even a non-Asian cartoonist knows that AsAm kids want  equal 
opportunity to enter elite colleges as a Christmas gift, can  YOU just sit by and do nothing for your children?

                       What Will the 2nd Great Weapon Do for Us?
    It'll either induce Harvard to voluntarily stop discriminating against AsAm 
applicants or  h elp  Acting Asst. A. G. John Gore  to find Harvard guilty of violating  Title  VI.

                                    The ULTIMATE Q uestion
Why is 80-20 EF fighting a great university like Harvard?  To get more Asian Am. students admitted to  Harvard?

Harvard is a great institution indeed.  But it is not perfect.  We
have  reasonable grounds to suspect that Harvard has practiced   
pre- meditated  and systemic discrimination against Asian American applicants in its admissions policy, in violation of Title 
VI of the Civil Rights Act.  Harvard's purpose is to limit its number of Asian American students, as it did against the Jewish students decades ago. So long as that  matter is not cleared, the fight is on.


S. B. Woo 

President and a volunteer for the past 18 years
80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc, a 501 C-3 organization,
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