2-1-1 2-1-1 Monthly Report for April 2018
Noteworthy Updates
During the month of April, 5,479  calls were handled by 2-1-1 Resource Specialists and 8,885  health, housing and human service referrals were provided. Of the unduplicated callers, 71%  are female,  27% are single mothers with minor children, and  56% reported they are living with disabilities. (These statistics exclude callers who opted to not provide demographic information during intake.) For additional 2-1-1 stats for the month of April, go  here. For 2-1-1 stats for the current fiscal year-to-date, go here.
On behalf of EBHO, Eden I&R’s Housing Coordinator, Pam Glassoff (pictured in the center with Hayward City Councilmember Marvin Peixoto and Mayor Barbara Halliday) accepted a Hayward City Council proclamation honoring Affordable Housing Week. 
Eden I&R is thrilled to announce the addition of two members to our management team. Natalie Tercero joined as the agency's new Deputy Director. Natalie has nearly 20 years of experience developing, implementing, and administering programs for both adults and youth in educational and nonprofit settings. Previously, Natalie was the Youth & Supportive Services Manager at JobTrain where she did extensive program planning, counseling and referral, case management, assessment, job development, follow-up review, and provided leadership and oversight to a team of case managers.

The agency's new Development Manager is Catherine Stahl who brings nearly 10 years of experience working in nonprofit communications and fundraising to her role. Most recently, Catherine served as the Director of Communications & Education for Hospice Caring, Inc., in Gaithersburg, MD, where she grew the organization’s visibility and capacity, and established a new Community Education program.

We are so pleased to welcome Natalie and Catherine to Eden I&R! 
Natalie Tercero
Deputy Director
Catherine Stahl
Development Manager
Call Examples
A woman in crisis called 2-1-1 from Castro Valley immediately after ingesting a large number of sleeping pills and stated that she wished to die. The caller reported she had lost custody of her child and she was overwhelmed with sadness and guilt. The caller had made a decision that placed her child at risk and that had triggered a process that eventually resulted in her losing custody. She was homeless and was at her storage unit at the time of the call. 2-1-1 staff informed the caller they would get help to her. She said she did not want to embarrass herself by having paramedics show up at the storage unit. 2-1-1 staff encouraged her to leave the storage facility so that responders could come to her aid. This call was handed by 2-1-1’s two Senior Phone Resource Specialists, with additional support from our IT Specialist as the call dropped before staff could obtain the caller's phone number. The IT Specialist was able to get the caller’s number from 2-1-1’s phone system records and help 2-1-1 reconnect with the caller. While continuing to talk to the caller and keep her calm, another 2-1-1 staff contacted the Alameda County Sherriff's Department who sent officers to the storage facility, and a tragedy was averted.

For additional 2-1-1 call examples handled in April, go  here.  
Caller Feedback
”I live in Hayward. I just wanted to leave a comment about the 2-1-1 worker. She was very pleasant to work with, she provided me with all the information that I needed, and went above and beyond, and was the greatest assistance. Please let her know that I am very thankful for that. She should be commended for her work.  Thank you!” 

3 agencies and 3 programs were added to the Services Database for a total of 1,216 agencies and 3,101 programs. 
367  new units were added to the housing database for a total of 87,965  housing units. 
Eden I&R's health and human services data is provided free through the agency's publicly accessible websites at  www.edenir.org  and  www.211alamedacounty.org , and  www.achousingchoices.org . In April, Eden I&R's websites received  25,822 page views and 5,789   sessions/visitors. 

In April, staff participated in 29 meetings, phone calls, and webinars with current and potential partners. A highlight from the month was the Executive Director's attendance at the Community Information Exchange Summit hosted by 2-1-1 San Diego. The inaugural summit, "Navigating the Intersection of Health and Social Services Through Information Sharing and Coordinated Care," highlighted innovative work taking place in San Diego County and elsewhere that is allowing care providers across disciplines to work closer than ever before. The summit offered the opportunity to learn about exciting emerging and best practices from the field, hear nationally-renown experts discuss the value of a collective endeavor, and meet with other thought leaders. Our staff at 2-1-1 Alameda County is energized by this collective movement that recognizes, addresses, and measures social determinants of health that is changing the way 2-1-1, the health sector, other CBOs, and government partners are doing business in San Diego. We are anxious to share our learnings with others in Alameda County to help build a strong and thriving community.
Fairs / Events / Outreach

In April, Eden I&R served 716 people at trainings, events, and fairs and distributed 7,386 pieces of outreach materials to service providers and residents of Alameda County.
2-1-1 staff hosted a booth and provided resource referrals to participants at the following:
  • St. Vincent de Paul for the Homeless Project Connect Workshop in Oakland
  • SLVUSD Fair Bohannon Middle School, Edendale Middle School in San Lorenzo and Washington Middle School in San Leandro
  • Chabot College Denim Day in Hayward
  • Laney College Resource and Internship Fair in Oakland
  • Berkeley Senior Wellness Fair in South Berkeley
  • Dublin Community Volunteer Pride Day
  • First annual Momentum Transportation & Mobility Expo in Berkeley
  • Livermore Community Service Day Volunteer Fair
  • Annual Merritt College Student Health/Safety Fair in Oakland

Outreach materials were distributed to by request to Children's Hospital H.E. in Oakland, Victim's Assistance/Victim's Advocacy in Oakland, San Lorenzo Adult School in San Lorenzo, and Cal State East Bay in Hayward. 
Attendees at the First Momentum Mobility and Transportation Expo at Ed Roberts Campus. 
Livermore Mayor John Marchand and Volunteer Karen Kgee-Tsuda at the Community Service Day in Livermore
        Annual Merritt College Student Health/Safety Fair in Oakland
Disaster Preparedness

This month, the Disaster Preparedness Coordinator conducted trainings for:

  • 2-1-1 staff conducted trainings for and provided resource referrals to participants at Department of Rehabilitation-Berkeley Branch (Ed Roberts Campus) in Berkeley
  • Mills College “Lunch and Learn” Preparedness Symposium in Oakland
  • Momentum Transportation & Mobility Expo in Berkeley
  • Disaster Training for Childcare Providers for Bananas in Oakland. 
Staff In-Service & Training
In-service presentations were provided to staff by:
Robert Archuleta
La Familia Counseling Center
Charles Reed
Roots Community Health Center
Photo by William Iven on Unsplash
Members of the IT staff participated in an informational session regarding Alameda County’s new HMIS system on Clarity.

This month, IT staff continued to move forward toward a new VOIP phone system. New network wiring for the agency will be implemented soon. The new wiring will improve our current network architecture and enable the future deployment of a new phone system for 2-1-1. 

A trial of an online chat feature to help online website visitors was conducted. Feedback was gathered from staff who participated in the trial chat sessions and there is a plan to conduct a second phase of this project in June.