February 17, 2017

Why you should help a homeless person with a legal problem.
Matthew Swerdlin, a criminal defense attorney who volunteers with the BBVLP, agreed to represent a homeless client from the Firehouse shelter. The client could not obtain a license and therefore a job due to fines associated with old misdemeanor charges.
Matthew represented the client in front of Judge Andra Sparks, the Birmingham presiding judge who implements the homeless docket called Turning Point. Judge Sparks gave the client an opportunity to succeed by requiring the client to complete Project Renew, a program to help clients with life skills so they can get their license back.
The client is thankful for his attorney and the Renew  Program for giving him a second chance at a new life. "I am learning the basic rules of the road, and only have two more classes left. Once I complete this class I have an opportunity to receive community service for the fines on these tickets. I am looking forward to retaining my driver's license and getting a job!"

You can help a client like this by volunteering at Project Homeless Connect on March 4, by clicking here
1. Please help this mother of four children through her divorce process

The client's spouse abandoned the family several months ago and has not supported the family since. The spouse's income was their only means of support. Please help this mother navigate the court system. (17-0007692)

*This is the second time in eBrief
2. Please help man that was shot five times by spouse

There have been several domestic violence incidents between the client and his spouse. A few months ago, he was shot five times by his spouse after he caught the spouse with her ex-husband.  Please help this client through his divorce. (17-0007841)

*Clients face is blurred due to domestic violence 

3. Help this physically-abused double amputee through her divorce process

Several years ago, the client's spouse slammed her to the ground and broke her kneecap and tibia. She later contracted an infection where her legs had to be amputated. The parties have been separated for several years. The client currently resides in a nursing home since she cannot care for herself. Please help this woman through her divorce process. (16-0007588)

*This is the second time in eBrief

4. Please help a mother and her child stay out of harm from her ex-spouse

An incident occurred last week where the ex-spouse was having a seizure due to intoxication and put the three-year-old child in danger. The police were called to the scene and taken out of the custody of the father. (17-0007839)

*This is the second time in eBrief

5.  Please help widower adopt his 13-year-old stepson

This client's wife passed several months ago. He has cared for the child for six years and considers himself the child's father and desires to make the child legally his own.

Click here to volunteer at a Help Desk! We are seeking volunteers for all of 2017 and for the following dates in the next weeks:

(From left to right)  Andrew Schwartz Shunnarah Injury Lawyer,  Shannon Dye Carney Dye,  and  Ryan Charles , Shunnarah Injury Lawyers, volunteers for the monthly Homeless Help Desk in preparation for Project Homeless Connect. Click here  if you want to volunteer for Project Homeless Connect. 

Project Homeless Connect:
Saturday, March 4th

7:30 am-12:00 pm
7 Municipal volunteers needed
8 Civil volunteers needed

Municipal volunteers needed
5 Civil volunteers needed

Civil Help Desk:
Thursday 02/23/2017
8:30 - 10:00 am
10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Monday 02/27/2017

8:30 - 10:00 am
10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Domestic Relations Help Desk:
Wednesday 2/22/2017
8:30 - 10:00 am

Wednesday 03/01/2017 
8:30 - 10:00 am
10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Rosemary Alexander, Shunnarah Injury Lawyers
April Bauder, Merrell Law Firm
Meredith Busby, Kirk Drennan Law
Jessie Hardy, Kirk Drennan Law
Scott Harwell, The Harwell Law Firm
Honza Prchal, Heninger Garrison Davis
Maura Goodwyn
Melinda Guillaume
De Martenson, Huie Fernambucq Stewart
Tanisia Moore
Margaret Philips, Legal Services Alabama
Honza Prchal, Heninger Garrison Davis
Moses Stone, Stone Law Firm
Heather Ward, Maynard Cooper
Ashley Weaver
David Webster, Legal Services of Alabama
Pamela Weed
Andrew Wheeler-Berliner, The Berliner Firm
Donnie Winningham, Bressler, Amery & Ross

Jessica Chang, Cumberland School of Law
Hansen Babington Jason Bonar Yashiba Blanchard Brock Brett
Office of the Public Defender-Jefferson County
Meredith Busby
Kirk Drennan Law
Hon. John Carroll
Cumberland School of Law
Victoria Ebrahimi-Charles
The Frankowski Firm
Melinda Guillaume
Tanisia Moore Sandy Murvin
HealthSouth Corporation
Preston Nichols
Law Office of Preston Nichols
Honza Prchal
Heninger Garrison Davis
Cline Thompson Melonie Wright
Butler Snow

C ourtney Burge Brown
Burge & Burge

Courtney agreed to help a client whose spouse is incarcerated.

M organ Franz 
Spotswood Sansom & Sansbury

Morgan  offered to help a client adopt her granddaughter.
Kimberly Vines

Kimberly volunteered to help a client adopt her granddaughter.

Courtney Burge
Burge & Burge

Courtney helped a client get a guardianship over her mentally handicapped daughter. Client is now able to make important decisions on behalf of her daughter.

Ted Stuckenschneider
The Law Firm of Ted Stuckenschneider

Ted helped a client go over his options as it related to filing a Chapter Bankruptcy. After meeting with Ted, the client decided to not to file a Chapter 7 as the client was judgement proof.
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