Important HelpHOPELive policy updates
Mileage rates and direct deposit changes

We know you rely on our nonprofit benefits, from tax deductible donations to employer matching grant eligibility. To keep providing those great benefits, we strive to remain compliant with all IRS guidelines and procedures. We make changes to stay compliant and to provide you with easier access, better services and upgraded campaign features.

Here are two changes we've made this month:
  • The IRS recently changed the standard mileage rates for medical purposes from $0.23 per mile to $0.19 per mile. We have updated our Fund Request Form to reflect that change. Click here to view or download an updated Fund Request Form or find the form under your Dashboard at
  • We've changed the term "ACH payments" to "direct deposit" for greater clarity. You'll see the change reflected on the Fund Request Form and on the ACH Form, now called the Direct Deposit Form. Are you enrolled?
Questions? Comments? Reach out to us today to discuss these important changes.
Thank you for helping us to continue providing the nonprofit benefits you count on. We'll always reach out to you when we make changes that may affect your campaign with us. 

- From Our Team  at HelpHOPELive

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