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Today Pathways To Peace Features our Partner Organization that Supports the Leadership of High School Students to Enact Global Change: 

The Emerging Global Leaders Institute
Pathways To Peace (PTP) is honored and delighted to feature our longtime friend and colleague, Mr. George Anthony, along with Katelyn Grano, PTP UN H.S. Youth Representative, and other Emerging Global Leaders. The Emerging Global Leaders Institute is engaged in practical Peacebuilding, is present at the United Nations, and has a new project that will bring education to refugee children around the world! 

Out of Tragedy Comes a New Vision for Peace

The tragic murder of 16-year-old Yusef Hawkins occurred in 1989. It happened in a predominantly white neighborhood in Brooklyn by the youth who lived there. The New Utrecht H.S. imploded. School leaders reached out to Columbia University Institute for Conflict Resolution and a team led by Dr. Ellen Raider, a leading specialist in resolving conflicts peacefully. Based on her success, NYC Department of Education sent a cadre of Educators to Columbia University for a year to be trained by Dr. Raider and a team of experts to replicate the models in their respective schools. Mr. George Anthony and his colleague Lindy Crescitelli designed a two-year program that would impact students and their communities. The program focused on skill-building in the areas of leadership, anti-bullying, and civic and global outreach. The program ran for over twenty years and impacted thousands of young people with skills that would follow them deep into their lives.

Through these years, as Mr. Anthony reflects on the death of Yusef Hawkins, he feels that Yusef did not die because he was an African American. His death was the result of the bias and the hatred that lived in the hearts of those young men who took his life. Mr. Anthony believes the question we need to ask ourselves is what or who taught these young men to hate to the point they felt compelled to take a life of another human being, regardless of their color or ethnicity? The Emerging Global Leaders Institute is an outgrowth of that program with a deep commitment to positive leadership in our communities and around our world.

In his role of educator, Mr. Anthony's conversations with youth over the years convinced him that youth have the solutions to ending violence and building Peace. And, while youth hold the answers, it's difficult for them to do it alone. Mr. Anthony believes that young people need tools and training to effectively respond vs. react to challenging situations and interactions. 

"Youth do not come to us with all the tools they need to be effective Peacebuilders," he says, "when we give them the skills they need to create that change in the world, they become the agents of change."

Mr. Anthony also feels that youth need a place where their voices are heard and their words have meaning - that it's through their words they will find solutions, and when that happens everyone benefits.   

"Leadership is needed now within our communities. We need to form a group of leaders and Peacebuilders to spread the message of nonviolence throughout society".

The Emerging Global Leadership Institute: Building and Supporting Change-Makers

"Not only are youth the future, but also the answers."

Today, Mr. Anthony is the Coordinator for the Emerging Global Leaders Institute. The Institute is located and supported by Mater Dei Prep High School in Middletown, New Jersey. Participating students blend their classroom experience with leadership skill-building and hands-on opportunities to demonstrate leadership that makes a real and positive difference. The Emerging Global Leaders Program is a dynamic and interactive program designed to equip students with the "tools" to be the change they wish to see in the world. All students receive certification in Effective Leadership and Conflict Transformation. Using the "practice and application" method allows students to not only learn the techniques but to actually use them to make a positive impact on the world.  Techniques taught in class include negotiation skills, action planning, leadership, and mediation, among others. The s tudents describe the Emerging Global Leaders Institute as a "living laboratory" that is teacher facilitated, yet encourages students to lead their classmates, faculty members, and everyone with whom they come in contact. The Institute helps students acquire and build on their inherent leadership skills, and provides a platform and opportunities for their leadership to emerge and their voices to be heard - locally and globally. 

"Peace is action. Action of spirit and soul. Each one of us has the opportunity to make a difference or be the difference in a life of another. When we validate others, we bring our light into the life of another."  
                                                                                             - Mr. George Anthony

George Anthony PTP UN Primary Representative and Betsabe Reyana PTP UN Representative who just returned from a Refugee Camp in Turkey.

Emerging Global Leaders Rock the United Nations

In addition to many other presentations and conferences, youth in the Emerging Global Leaders Institute are participating at the United Nations (UN). Mr. Anthony is a Pathways To Peace (PTP) UN Primary Representative and leads the PTP UN Youth Delegation, and the partnership with Pathways To Peace and other UN organizations gives youth leaders a voice and an opportunity to witness and influence global initiatives. Students participate in youth forums at the United Nations headquarters in New York City, speak at subcommittee meetings, and attend civil rights conferences - all with the goal of developing themselves into global citizens. Mr. Anthony adds:

"The Youth are desperate to add their voices to the dynamics of gender equality, peace, justice, and strong institutions, and many of the other sustainable development goals that were set forth by the United Nations, and this class equips the students with the right tools and skills that are needed for them to do just that."

Katelyn Grano, PTP UN H.S. Representative, and Emerging Global Leader.

In the words of one of the Emerging Global Leaders and 
PTP UN H.S. Youth Representative, Katelyn Grano:

"One hundred and ninety-two countries coming together in one place, working tirelessly to solve the world's problems. How incredibly amazing is that? And I get to be a part of it, as a high school student. I still can't believe it.  The United Nations has changed my life in ways that I never thought were possible. The UN has allowed me to help others in need and to put my voice out there for everyone to hear, speaking up for those who don't have the opportunity to. That for me is life changing. Making the world a better, more peaceful place is something extraordinary, and something that I am thrilled to say that I am a part of, thanks to the United Nations and the limitless opportunities provided by Pathways To Peace."

PTP UN Reps, Alternate Reps and HS Reps. They are from L-R
Martin McMahon Alt Rep, Thomas Vitale Alt Rep, Marlenis Batista Alt Rep, Manar Elzaky UN PTP Youth Representative, Emma Wolfhorst UN PTP Youth Representative, 
Kaitlyn Grano UN PTP HS Representative, Joseph Stanton HS Youth Representative

The Global Education Toolkit: Changing the World, 
One Lesson at a Time.

"One child, one teacher, one book, and one pen can change the world."
- Malala Yousafzai

The Emerging Global Leadership Institute is partnering with Pathways To Peace and other organizations affiliated with the United Nations on an exciting new project to benefit refugees forced into migration, with a specific focus on Syrian refugees. This new project, The Global Education Toolkit, will change the lives of children around the world! 

As of March 2017, 2.5 million people under the age of 18 have been forced to leave their homes and their schooling. The lives of these refugee students once revolved around education, and their classes presented opportunities of hope. However, due to the increasingly dangerous situations in their countries, this is no longer possible. The children have had to put their lives on hold, and they are suffering because of it. These students have the potential to change the world.  All they need is a boost. The Global Education Toolkit can be that boost. 

The Emerging Global Leaders at Mater Dei Prep wanted to give these refugee students the opportunity to further their education and provide greater opportunities in their lives. Mr. Anthony was inspired by his students' sudden call to action:

"The project began during a discussion at the United Nations International Day of Peace conference. After the conference, my students immediately began applying the Design Thinking Process on the best approach to getting the necessary educational resources to refugee children. It was truly inspiring to see their immediate desire to help these students and join the mission to spread the message of peace and education throughout the world."

The Toolkit will 
contain lesson plans that will be sent to children who have been compelled into migration due to war, poverty or terrorism. The current project development is two-fold: a physical kit that will be sent to the refugees, and a digital educational portion, specifically in science, math, and English as a Second Language. These lessons will be used to help continue the education of the refugee children. All lessons plans will be displayed on the website 
created by Mater De
i Prep freshmen, Joseph Stanton. The website will also host interactive discussion boards, mentoring programs, and opportunities for all children to be assisted by their peers. Elizabeth Sheridan, a freshman at Mater Dei Prep and Executive Core Member of the Emerging Global Leaders Institute, saw this opportunity as a chance to help change the world: 

"We wanted to show these children that the world has not forgotten about them and we wanted to provide them the necessary tools to help build a better world with the Emerging Global Leaders."

The project will not only focus on education but also build resilience among refugee youth while helping them integrate and assimilate to host communities. While refugee and migrant populations will be the target audience, there is  potential to reach a larger population. It is the intention of the Emerging Global Leaders Institute to make the Toolkit lessons and learning development open to all schools across the globe.

"A child's hope for a better future revolves around their education. Learning presents opportunities for hope. Lessons learned can provide opportunities for a better life."

Katelyn Grano, an Emerging Global Leader, and PTP
UN H.S. Youth Representative was an architect of the Global Education Toolkit and has this to say about the Toolkit:

"The Educational Tool Kit is something like no other. It's the chance for students like myself to help others in need, who don't have access to education. Education has always been the cornerstone of my life for as long as I can remember, and I am not only a better student for that, but a better person. Education has allowed me to expand my horizon, view new perspectives, and learn how to learn, making me want to further my education, in order to be successful. This is something I want to pass to the refugees that will benefit from this program. This project has already changed my life, and I hope it will change theirs too."

The Toolkit project should be finished in the upcoming weeks, in time to submit it on September 15th for inclusion in the International Day of Peace on September 21st.  If selected, the project will be able to reach a wider range of students and will have the support of the United Nations DPI NGO committees.

Mr. Anthony has deep gratitude to Mater Dei Prep High School for its continued support and recognizing the value of the Global Emerging Leaders Institute. He also appreciates the role PTP has played with the Emerging Global Leaders Institute. 

" Our relationship with Pathways To Peace and The United Nations provides the resources to build a global platform where we can impact the basics of peace and leadership with lasting and sustainable results."

Thank you to Mr. Anthony and the emerging youth leaders - your wisdom inspires us and your work is truly making a difference!

Architects of The Global Education ToolKit. From front to back: Elisabeth Sheridan, Karen Nortz, Maddie Duscai, Alyiah White, Katherine Zoda, Joseph Stanton, Gillian Rispoli.

George Anthony with Betsabe Reyna and Steve Gironda PTP Alt Rep

L-R: Sophia Nortz, Luke Lino, Kayley Anthony, Stevie Wonder- UN Messenger of Peace
To learn more about the Emerging Global Leaders Institute, click here:

You can learn more about the Global Education Toolkit here:├é 

About Mr. George Anthony

Executive Director: Peace Dynamics 
Pathways To Peace UN Primary Representative
Coordinator: The Emerging Global Leaders Institute
Educator: Mater Dei Prep
Mr. George S. Anthony is an accomplished Educator and Conflict Resolution Specialist. Mr. Anthony has been featured nationally on ABC News's "20/20:  Social Cruelty in Our Nation's Schools" and on CNN's "Crossing Borders".  He is frequently featured in many newspaper articles on bullying, conflict resolution, and ethnic diversity, and news programs such as WABC Special Report "Bullying in the Classroom".

Mr. Anthony is currently serving as Pathways To Peace United Nations NGO DPI Primary Representative and Co- Chair to The International Day of Peace "UN Education Peace Team".  He has consulted for the world-renowned Seeds of Peace Organization, and the Anne Frank Center of both the Netherlands and the United States. He has worked with the Anti-Defamation League's "A World of Difference Institute", the New York City Department of Education, The United Nations "Seasons of Non Violence Task Force", The United States Institute for Peace, The United Federation of Teachers, and NJEA and numerous school districts. His programs have been recognized and implemented in both national and international forums and his "Peer-to-Peer: Mediation and Conflict Resolution Institute" was recognized at the United Nation's "as a model program for the world". He has spoken at the United Nations' World Headquarters at numerous conferences. Currently Mr. Anthony is leading "The Emerging Global Leaders Institute" at Mater Dei Prep, developing a cadre of future leaders in International Diplomacy and Non Violent leadership utilizing design thinking applications and strategies.

    George Anthony is a trained Conflict Resolution Specialist, certified in Mediation by Columbia University, the National Institute for Dispute Resolution, and the New York City Board of Education. Mr. Anthony is an educator with over twenty-five years of classroom teaching experience and he the Co-Director of the Institute for International Leadership, Non-Violence, and Service. He has an M.S. in Education training teachers, administrators, social workers, guidance personnel, and others in conflict management. He works with Universities, including Rutgers University School of Social Work, Monmouth University and Brookdale College.  Mr. Anthony has produced award-winning videos dealing in issues of tolerance, leadership, and diversity. As a Director of Peace Dynamics Consultants George Anthony continues to work with numerous school districts, community and corporate organizations. He has written publications and workshops on topics dealing in Conflict Resolution, Leadership and Diversity. He is the co-author of Stand Up & Lead: Curriculum Guide featuring strategies for addressing bullying and diversity, and creating supportive learning environments for all. He is currently active as an Educator, Executive Director, and Workshop Facilitator and Primary United Nations Representative for NGO Pathways To Peace, A DPI and ECOSOC UN Member.

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An annual focus for PTP is the International Day of Peace (Peace Day), held annually on September 21st. Pathways To Peace has worked with the UN to observe and promote the International Day of Peace since its inception in 1981 and has grown International Day of Peace from a single event of a few hundred people into an annual global observance that now reaches hundreds of millions of people. The International Day of Peace ("Peace Day") is observed around the world each year on 21 September. Established in 1981 by unanimous United Nations resolution, Peace Day provides a globally shared date for all humanity to commit to Peace above all differences and to contribute to building a Culture of Peace. 

"Together for Peace: Respect, Safety and Dignity for All"
Is the theme for the International Day of Peace -
September 21, 2017

This theme relates to the UN's "Together" campaign which relates to the fair and compassionate treatment of refugees and seeks to promote awareness of our global community and a common desire for Peace. We all are One. 

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