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AERO Conference is in 15 Days!
The School visits are set. At noon Summa Academy will host a session there. At 2 PM the Renaissance School of Arts and Sciences will host a visit there. And at 3 PM Village Home will have a presentation and student panel at the Holiday Inn. 

Registration will start at 5 PM at the hotel. 

New! Mother Nature's Child will show at 6 PM. 
At 8 PM the new documentary, Beyond Measure will be shown. 

We've maintained the low income option of $225 to this point, but it will be removed before the conference. It is up to your judgement if you are low income. If you want to take advantage of this, please register in the next day or two to be sure. 

AERO conference is August 3-7 in Portland, OR. Let me know if you or a group needs some special help to be able to attend, etc. If you are a homeschooler or teacher, contact us for special rates. If you haven't registered yet and you need help with that let us know.  

Deborah Meier on the Controversy about the Principal at Central Park East 1
Dear friends,

I am frequently asked about the situation at Central Park East I that has recently made the news.  Which side am I on, I'm asked.

I'm unequivocally on the side of those who wisely have concluded that the current principal must move on.  She cannot do the job required.  Bringing in someone to "help" her where she is weak is not a solution, but merely a postponing of the inevitable drift into more "standardized"  practice and a more hierarchical school structure. 

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How Important Are Internships?
By Dave Landry (Special to AERO, article, info graphic)

Internship is an integral part of your higher education. Especially if you are doing an MBA, it is very important that you take this process seriously and only secure internship in an organization that can help you enhance your career once you pass out and start working. So, let us have a look at the internship issue in a bit of detail, in order to figure out why internship is important and how will it help you in the future.

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Families Form Home School Cooperative
Seven families in a small city in Marshall County have joined together to form a home school cooperative.

The Times-Republican reports that classes at ACRE Agriculture Education Center will start this fall in State Center. ACRE stands for Ag Curriculum in a Rural Environment.

A tutor has been hired to facilitate daily instruction, but Shannon Eldridge and Brad Pfantz, both active in forming the cooperative, say parents will be in classrooms on a daily basis. Parents will assist with instruction, projects and other duties.

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Impressive Challenge: 20 Marathons In 20 Days For Happier Children At Schools

Nerijus Buivydas, a principal of a primary school in Lithuania and a passionate runner, challenged himself to something that seemed impossible - to run 20 marathons in 20 days. Having worked in the field of education for nearly ten years, he decided to seek change towards children feeling happier at their own schools.

"I often travel to various Lithuanian schools. Whenever I ask the students to tell me who the most important people in school are, they always consider themselves to be the least important. When the child does not feel comfortable at his own school, we cannot even begin to talk about his motivation to learn", says Nerijus.

The man accomplished his goal by reaching his personal record of 862 kilometres in 20 days. Every single marathon culminated in a meeting with the excited communities of 20 schools across the country.

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