May 15, 2018

Let's get into a STEM state-of-mind!

Camps that integrate S cience, T echnology, E ngineering, and M ath concepts empower children to take on the challenges our modern world has to offer. We rounded up 20 STEM-THEMED SUMMER CAMPS where kids can learn anything from coding to robotics!

Build It Workspace
Academic Enrichment Camp @ CSULB
Camp Invention
Columbia Memorial Space Center - Space Camp
Discovery Cube's 2018 Summer Camps
iD Tech Camps 2018
Long Beach Marine Institute
Moving Mindz
Kids' College STEAM Camps
Ocean Institute Summer Camps
Summer @ Stratford School
Sylvan Learning Centers STEM Camps
Young Scientists Camp @ CSULB
Camp Newport
Camp Komaroff @ Alpert Jewish Community Center
Long Beach Parks & Rec
Shared Science
Girl Scout Summer Camp
Blog: Why Pick a STEM Camp?
Have You Checked These Out?
Fun is Blooming!
Run Your Heart Out!