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November 2015
Mobile Marketing: Don't Be Needy, Annoying or Spammy

Email keeps people connected. It's a modern marvel, a wonder of our time. Based solely on how many times a day people check their emails (especially those in their 20s and 30s), email marketing should be a huge deal.

So what's the problem?

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Now that pumpkin spice is everywhere, it is definitely time to prepare for Black Friday - the big dance recently imported from the USA. Even if you're not a brick-and-mortar retailer, this huge day and its cousins, Cyber Monday and Small Business Saturday, likely drive a lot of sales for your business.

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The perfect recipe for a great marketing strategy

I may have been watching too many episodes of Masterchef recently but, while cooking up a mean curry at the weekend, I got to thinking how many similarities there were between the process of preparing and serving a meal with the creation and execution of marketing strategy and business development. This might just be stretching an analogy too far, but don your chef's whites, pick up your favourite knife and let's get going!

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