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Issue No. 275
November 5, 2010
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November 2010 MD Magazine Cover We all witnessed history being made when Jay Cutler took the crown for the fourth time running, this September at the 2010 Mr. Olympia contest. Jay defended his throne and claimed it as his own once again and Muscular Development, which Jay calls his castle, the world's biggest and best bodybuilding magazine - where else would the king reside? We were the first magazine to sign Jay in 2001; now that we've both reached the top, thanks to our loyal followers, it's our pleasure to honor and congratulate MD's native son and share the glory of his triumph.

Jay is an amazing competitor who has placed second or better in all his contests from 2001 to 2010. Jay practically has his own decade - the era of "King Cutler" - that's still going strong. Since 2001, there were nine times when Jay placed no lower than second place at the Olympia. If not for Ronnie Coleman, Jay would have won a few more Sandows. Jay lost to Ronnie and placed second in 2001; he didn't' compete in 2002. Jay lost by one point in 2004, placed second to Ronnie in 2005, and beat Ronnie in 2006 and 2007.

Through it all, Jay has been a magnificent ambassador for bodybuilding, and has done more for the sport than anyone else.

What does Jay have to say about his historic victory? There's only one bodybuilding magazine in the world where you can find out! Check out Ron Harris' exclusive interview, "Cutler Makes It Four! In a Fight to the Finish, Jay Holds on to his Mr. Olympia Title" in the December issue of MD on sale November 2nd.


Team Muscular Development

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2010 Sacramento Pro
2010 Sacramento Pro

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November 6, 2010 at the Crest Theater in Sacramento, GNC Presents the 2010 IFBB Sacramento Pro Mens Under 202 Bodybuilding and Womens Pro Bikini Grand Prix as well as QNT Presents the 2010 NPC Sacramento Bodybuilding, Figure, Bikini and Fitness Championships.

202 & Under Bodybuilding
Branden Ray will be making his pro debut just weeks after earning his Pro Card at Nationals. The Vinny Galanti 4 day out pictures are crazy! Vinny is a force to be reckoned with looking for vindication from his last showing. However, he will have to get past Stan McQuay, Tricky Jackson and Jose Raymond, and they are not going to let him by without a fight.
Branden Ray Preps for the 2010 Sacramento--> Click here to read the thread on this show <--
  1. Ahmad Ahmad - Sweden
  2. Charles Arde - USA
  3. Pablo Arevalo - Peru
  4. Jimmy Canyon - USA
  5. Pedro Barron Cuyas - Mexico
  6. Parenthesis "PD" Devers - USA
  7. Ed Duque - Venezuela
  8. Roger Ferrer - USA
  9. Vinny Galanti - USA
  10. Ricky 'Tricky' Jackson - USA
  11. James Llewellyn - United Kingdom
  12. Daron Lytle - USA
  13. Stan McQuay - USA
  14. Peter Putnam - USA
  15. Carlos Rabiei - Canada
  16. Jose Raymond - USA
  17. Amit Sapir - Israel
  18. Rixio Tapia - Venezuela
  19. Branden Ray - USA
Video Previews
  1. PD Devers: Four Days Out from the 2010 Sacramento Pro
  2. Stan McQuay Chest Workout Four Days Out from the 2010 Sacramento Pro
  3. In the Trenches with Rookie Pro Branden Ray
  4. 2010 Sacramento Pro - Who to Watch! Preview with Shawn Ray
  5. Jose Raymond, Jay Cutler, and Kevin English Train Chest
  6. Jose Raymond Trains Back: 2 Weeks Out from the Sacramento Pro
Our Contest Coverage was brought to you by True Protein
True Protein
Vinny Galanti Q&A

Vinny GalantiVinny Galanti had been a competitive bodybuilder for over twenty years before earning his Pro Card at Master's Nationals in 2008.

Vinny received his IFBB Pro Card at Master's Nationals in 2008, after having been diagnosed the previous year with both Bell's Palsy and Lyme Disease.

It was a long road to the Pro's for Vinny, but as he will tell you, "Winning the overall in 2008: 16 years, 13 attempts, 1 pro card, PRICELESS!"
--> Click here to read his story

Womens Physique Division

Womens Physique At the 2010 Nationals the rumor mill was furiously churning with talk of the new Men's and Women's Physique Divisions. In our conversation with a few judges, they admit that women's bodybuilding physiques have gotten out of hand and can not bring it back even with the "20% less" rule that has been put in place. Therefore, in order to provide a place somewhere in between bodybuilding and figure they're implementing the WPD. This falls in line with what Bob Cicerillo stated in a Forum Post Here.

Bob Cicerillo, IFBB Men's Athlete Representative, came onto the MD Forums and clarified the WPD implementation for 2011. He's been gracious enough to remain and answer questions and concerns about this new division and the fate to womens bodybuilding.

However, it seems to some forum members that they are not quite sure what direction womens bodybuilding will take. Steve Weinberger has stated that womens bodybuilding is here to stay. Bob says it's here through 2011 and then its gone.

What are your thoughts and or wishes? One thing is for certain: There will be two more divisions next year: Men's and Women's Physique so be prepared for more competitors and longer shows.

--> You can check out all the action here <--

Lee Haney Joins Team MD

Lee HaneyWe are pleased to announce that 8-time Mr. Olympia, Lee Haney will be writing an exclusive monthly column in MD starting next month! In 1991, Lee became the first 8-time consecutive Mr. Olympia champion. Lee held that record for fourteen years until October 2005, when Ronnie Coleman tied Lee's Olympia record. Months before Lee's eighth and final Mr. Olympia win against Dorian Yates, Steve Blechman signed Lee to an exclusive contract with Twin Lab; who also owned Muscular Development, and Lee wrote a column at that time. Prior to joining TwinLab and MD, Lee was on contract with Weider.

We have the utmost respect and admiration for Lee and his personal values; his religious and spiritual belief, and for his commitment to family! Lee was one of bodybuilding's greatest ambassadors who helped set the highest possible standards in the sport and a positive image of bodybuilding. Lee is a great champion both on and off the bodybuilding stage and so we are thrilled to have him back at MD and part of our team!

Check out our Latest Interviews with 8x Mr Olympia
Lee Haney Video on His Preparation for the 1982 Nationals
Lee Haney on Turning Pro and His Olympia Career
Lee Haney on Why He Stopped at 8 Mr Olympia Titles
2010 Sacramento Pro
Sacramento Pro & Bikini Grand Prix Play by Play

November 6, 2010

Join us this Saturday starting at 9am Pacific for all the exciting fun as we cover the last contest of the year. So join us at 9am Pacific!

2010 Border States

In case you missed it, The IFBB Border States Pro Figure Championships were held in San Diego over the weekend. Teresa Anthony, Felicia Romero, and Ava Cowan grabbed the top three qualifying spots. Anthony and Romero were previously qualified, making Cowan the only addition to the list of Figure Olympia qualified athletes.

A special thanks going out to Shawn Ray for providing the results and forum member socalphotog for sharing a few pictures of the event with us! You can check out all the results and see the official scorecard -->here<--

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SuperPump Max
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Science progresses, and Gaspari notices, which is why you won't find a more intelligently formulated pre-workout product than SuperPump MAX.

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New Forum Sections

We've added two new sections to the forum this week. Be sure to swing by and check them both out, as they will be updated regularly!

Total-Lee Awesome
Lee "Total-Lee Awesome" Haney's IFBB Mr. Olympia career comprises a catalog of superlatives: he won more IFBB Mr. Olympia's than anyone else (eight: 1984-1991); defeated more bodybuilders than anyone else in IFBB Mr. Olympia competition (83). Now you can speak to the legend himself right here!

The "Z" Zone
Want to know more about your favorite athlete or person in the industry? Muscular Development takes you deeper into the world of the athletes, trainers, and industry insiders. Follow this forum for regular updates as our own FitAdina will delve further into the strategies, training philosophies, and lifestyles of the top athletes and personalities in the sports of Bodybuilding, Fitness, Figure, Bikini and even the new Physique Divisions!

In case you're wondering, the "Z" is for Adina's last name, Zanolli!

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