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TenPoint Crossbow Technologies is pleased to announce the start of our annual "Early Bird" crossbow tune-up program.  Each year, we offer a reduced cost tune-up program and, just as in the past, the Early Bird program will be offered during the months of April, May, June, and July.  This is done in an effort to encourage our customers to get their product to us before the big rush of hunting season starts.  This way, when you are ready to start practicing, your bow is ready too. 


This year, instead of offering the "same old thing," we have switched it up a little.  During the four months of the program, you will be offered a different money saving opportunity each month.  Then, you may decide what option works best for you. 


Check out the offers outlined below and mark your calendar to send your bow in for a tune-up.  If you would like us to send you a reminder (so you don't miss out) simply contact us, (see below for contact information) leave us your information and we will handle that for you.  Check below for the details of the program:


April 1- April 30, 2011: 15% off Tune-ups

  • Let's kick it off right with 15% off of your needed tune-ups.  This not only includes your normal wear and tear tune-up, but also any needed repairs you may have been putting off.


May 1- May 31, 2011: Free Return Shipping

  • So you missed out on last months offer, no problem.  This month we are going to offer to ship your bow back to you and we will pay your return shipping charges.  That could save you $20.00 on average for UPS ground service.  HARD CASES DO NOT APPLY!!)


June 1- June 30, 2011: Free Labor

  • Now here is one that would be hard to pass up.  You buy the parts and we do the work at no charge.  With labor charges at $40.00 per hour this is hard to beat.


July 1- July 31, 2011: 10% off Additional accessories

  • Now it is getting a little closer to season and you realize you need new arrows, or how about that ACUdraw that you have been needing but trying to convince yourself not to spend the money.  Coupled with any tune-up or repair you get 10% off all accessories.

The program is simple.  First, you choose the offer that works best for you.  Second, mark your calendar or contact us so we can send you a reminder.  Third, contact TenPoint Customer Service to get your Return Authorization number.  Please call 330-628-9245 for your RA number or email your request by filling out the Return Authorization form on our website, www.tenpointcrossbows.com, before you ship your bow.  Last, send your bow to us and we will take care of you from there. 


Regardless of the service needed, all bows will be lubricated and checked over completely before reshipment. 


Thanks and Happy Hunting! 



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