Episode 1.12: Where We Are Now HR20-001.12
Dear Member,

In the period of 2011-1018, the “Affordable Care” begins, like all government programs throughout our history and soon it true colors are exposed. It’s now crystal clear that the government can’t fix healthcare. We know why - and we tell you!  

Medicare and Medicaid costs were out of control, no cost containment efforts had any effect, and yet, we continued to expand the failing system. The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) was passed. Government duplicity was fully exposed. Significant portions of the ACA, couldn't be implemented, and those which were cost much more than anticipated.  It's wasn't just that we extended coverage to those previously uncovered, a good idea with a bad implementation, we also continued to expand the scope of care beyond the care we need to stay alive and productive.  The false healthcare economic structure became a systemic problem! Our vital healthcare system is now in collapse.

We take you through these years and show you how we got to where we are today! We begin to tell you how we can work together to fix it.
Video Show
Audio Podcast
We conclude the healthcare History Series, and begins the discussion of how we can get the healthcare system we want!
President Obama
ACA is signed amid fanfare and hate. We show why government can't fix it.
Jonathan Gruber
Real agenda of the plan is exposed.
We explain how this is spiking cost.
Laws Failings on Full Display
We read all the versions of the ACA. We tell how it was planned to fail.
Healthcare's More Dangerous
Just getting healthcare is not just more costly, its also more dangerous.