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2011 TutORials Online Book
Analytics/Practice Track
Join Us for a Great General Reception - NASCAR Hall of Fame!
Interactive Session
Winner of Monday Interactive Session
2011 INFORMS Fellows Inducted on Monday
Charlotte Area Math Teachers Workshop Today
Women in OR/MS Forum Luncheon
International Activities Committee Invited International Journal Sessions
Exhibits Open Today at 9am - Win Another Kindle Fire
INFORMS Job Placement Service Open Today at 9am
Today's Community Business Meetings
The COIN-OR Cup Award Goes to Auckland!
Bringing Operations Expertise to the Healthcare Industry
Promoting the O.R. MINDSET
The Emergence of Big Data
Why Good Simulations Go Bad
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Addendum to Tuesday Schedule

Please click here to download pdf of the addendum for late changes to the printed program.

Today's Key Events
Plenaries and Keynotes
10-10:50am, Convention Center, Ballroom A
Build, Test, Scale: Innovative Strategies that Are Transforming the U.S. Healthcare System
Susan D. DeVore, Premier Healthcare Alliance

3:10-4pm, Convention Center, Room 217A

IFORS Distinguished Lecture: Boolean Methods in Operations Research and Related Areas
Yves Crama, HEC Management School, University of Li�ge

3:10-4pm, Convention Center, Ballroom A

TutORials Talks
Convention Center, Rooms 203A and 203B
 Dynamic Optimization in Radiotherapy
Archis Ghate, University of Washington

Contract Complexity and Performance: A Brief Look at Theory and Behavior
Feryal Erhun, Stanford University

Innovation and Entrepreneurship: A Process Framework
Stefanos Zenios, Stanford University

Analysis of Misspecified Models in Revenue Management and Repeated Decision Problems
William Cooper, University of Minnesota

Transforming US Army Supply Chains: Management Innovation in DoD for Improved Efficiency, Productivity, and Cost-Effective Global Operations
Greg Parlier, Institute for Defense Analyses

 Optimizing Cancer Screening Using Partially Observable Markov Decision Processes (POMDPs)
Oguzhan Alagoz, University of Wisconsin-Madison

2011 TutORials Online Book

TutORials in OR 2011 coverAll attendees receive free exclusive early access to the INFORMS 2011 TutORials in Operations Research online book concurrently with the meeting. Entitled "Transforming Research into Action," the 2011 volume is the perfect complement to the series of talks. For access, visit here and LOG IN using your INFORMS username and password. Non-member meeting attendees: use the username and password you selected as part of the online registration process. NOTE: your username and password also appears on the receipt in your registration envelope. All INFORMS 2012 members receive access on January 1, 2012. You can order the 2011 book or previous volumes (CDs 2005 - 2009) through the TutORials website or visit the INFORMS Booth #121.

Analytics/Practice Track
Sponsored by INFORMS Analytics Section and CPMS, The Practice Section of INFORMS

Hilton, Mecklenburg, 3rd floor
The sessions in this track showcase O.R. and analytics in practice at a wide range of companies and organizations, including UPS, GE Global Research, SAS, Sasol, Booz Allen Hamilton, IBM, and more.

INFORMS and the Analytics Movement: Where We've Been, Where We Are, and Where We Are Going
Jack Levis, UPS

Perspectives on Analytics Within INFORMS and in Industry
Matthew Liberatore, Villanova University

Analytics Section and INFORMS: Where We Are Going
Michael Gorman, University of Dayton

Assessing the Opportunity for Enhanced Analytics
Warren Lieberman, Veritec Solutions

Developing an Organizational Analytics Maturity Model for Improving Executive Decisions
Norman Reitter, Concurrent Technologies Corporation

A Conceptual Framework of Analytics Success
Avijit Sarkar, University of Redlands

Selling Analytics: A Multi-Industry Panel Discussion
Jeff Day, SAS Institute; Eric Bibelnieks, Target; Neil Biehn, PROS; Steven Howard, Aspen Marketing Service; Erick Wikum, IBM

Predictive Analytics and Its Relationship to Operations Research
Manoj Chari, SAS Institute

Cloud Services for Analytics
Ishan Sehgal, IBM

No Crystal Ball Required - Predictive Analytics for Business
Udo Sglavo, SAS Institute

4:30-6pm, Hilton, Suite 403
U.S. Secret Service Agent-Based Behavioral Modeling for Site Security and Egress
Doug Samuelson, InfoLogix

Operational Security Analytics: Doing More with Less
Colleen McCue, GeoEye

U.S. Secret Service Visualization Modeling for Site Security and Egress
Mark Harmon, SIMLAB, U.S. Secret Service

Join Us for a Great General Reception - NASCAR Hall of Fame!

7:30-10pm, Convention Center, Crown Ballroom, and NASCAR Hall of Fame
Join us tonight and meet friends for a buffet meal of great Southern cooking and an up close look 31 meticulously maintained racing automobiles spanning seven decades. You can even try your hand at more than 50 interactive experiences. This event is sure to be long remembered. NASCAR Hall of Fame is exclusively ours this evening - closed to the public.

Interactive Session

12:30-2:30pm, Convention Center, Foyer outside the Grand Ballroom/Exhibit Hall
Students, researchers, and practitioners share projects via poster displays, laptop demonstrations, and other creative formats. A $750 first-place award will be presented at this session by a distinguished panel of judges.

Winner of Monday Interactive Session

Nico van DijkNico M. van Dijk, Blood Platelet Optimization for Blood Banks
Donated blood platelets have a limited shelf time. Outdating, shortages, age, and costs are to be minimized. Three phases are shown over six years.
  1. The development of combined dynamic programming and simulation.
  2. Its application and impementation to Dutch blood banks.
  3. Its extension to transportation and hospitals.

2011 INFORMS Fellows Inducted on Monday

Congratulations to the 2011 INFORMS Fellows!

2011 INFORMS Fellows
Kurt M. Anstreicher

Cynthia Barnhart

Oded Berman

David Bell

Izak Duenyas

Eugene A. Feinberg

Harvey J. Greenberg

Avishai Mandelbaum

Robin O. Roundy

Christopher S. Tang

Charlotte Area Math Teachers Workshop Today

Phillip O. Berry High School, Charlotte, 8am-3pm
INFORMS President's Award Winner Ken Chelst heads up this workshop based on a curriculum developed under NSF-funded Project MINDSET (Mathematics Instruction using Decision Science and Engineering Tools). MINDSET uses decision-making tools from industrial and systems engineering and operations research in a fourth-year high school mathematics curriculum.

Women in OR/MS Forum Luncheon

12:30-1:30pm, Westin, Grand C
All those interested in issues related to women professionals in OR/MS are invited to join us. $15 ($8 students) - A limited number of tickets may be available on-site. Go to the INFORMS registration desk for information on availability.

International Activities Committee Invited International Journal Sessions

8-9:30am, Convention Center, Room 212B
Be sure to attend these special sessions featuring the papers in the international journal Produ��o, a Brazilian IE journal.

Exhibits Open Today at 9am - Win Another Kindle Fire

9am-5pm, Convention Center, Exhibit Hall, Ballroom BCD
Kindle FireBe sure to visit the Exhibit Hall today at 9am. There will be more than 50 exhibitors on hand. Name badges must be worn for admittance to the Exhibit Hall. Free Internet Wi-Fi in Exhibits area and E-mail Center. NEW THIS YEAR: Win a Kindle Fire by visiting exhibitors. INFORMS will award a Kindle Fire each day at afternoon coffee break. Stop by any exhibit booth to pick up your entry coupon (a new coupon is needed each day).

Yesterday's Kindle Fire Winner: Palaniappa Krishnan

INFORMS Job Placement Service Open Today at 9am

9am-5pm, Convention Center, Exhibit Hall
On-site interviews to explore opportunities in academia, industry, and government take place today. Good luck to all!

In addition, two panel discussions focus on job search issues. If you are in the job market, don't miss these two panels today:

Academic Job Search Panel
November 15, 8-9:30am, Westin, Grand Ballroom, 2nd floor
The panel will discuss the academic interview process and do's and don'ts associated with the job search. This panel features Bala Shetty, Professor, Texas A&M University; Neil Geismar, Assistant Professor, Texas A&M University; and Agha Iqbal Ali, Isenberg School of Management, UMASS.

Industry Job Search Panel
November 15, 11am-12:30pm, Westin, Grand Ballroom, 2nd floor
The panel will discuss the industry interview process and do's and don'ts associated with the job search. This panel features Jeff Day, Senior Analytics Consultant, SAS; and Dave Worrall, President, RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing Corporation.

Today's Community Business Meetings

CPMS CouncilWestin, Trade7-9am
SpORtsConvention Center, Room 2146-7pm
The COIN-OR Cup Award Goes to Auckland!

by Ana-Iulia Alexandrescu
The COIN-OR community had its annual award ceremony to reward the best contribution to the COIN-OR suite at the Fox and Hound on Sunday evening. COIN-OR (Computational Infrastructure for Operations Research) is an initiative to promote the development of open software, models, standards, and data sets for the operations research community, and it involves members from both academia and industry. Pietro Belotti, the Chair of the Award Committee, delivered the announcement, and this year's award went to Andrew Mason from the University of Auckland and Iain Dunning, currently at MIT Center for Operations Research, for OpenSolver, a linear and integer optimization solver for Microsoft Excel. OpenSolver harnesses the power of the COIN-OR CBC optimization engine and is compatible with Excel 2003, 2007, and 2010. Neither Andrew nor Iain could attend this year's meeting, so the award---a cup full of coins---was accepted by Ted Ralphs on their behalf. In his speech delivered on Andrew's behalf, Ted highlighted the rapid traction OpenSolver gained in the O.R. community, going from 0 downloads 18 months ago to roughly 30 downloads per day currently. He also mentioned the release of the beta version of OpenSolver Studio, which allows users to use Excel maneuver models built using the Python-based PuLP modeling language, which provides a more elegant solution for modeling complex optimization problems. The ceremony was sponsored by IBM and was held in a laidback atmosphere, providing everyone the opportunity to relax after the first day of the conference.

Bringing Operations Expertise to the Healthcare Industry

by Belleh Fontem
The past two decades have witnessed the metamorphosis of operations research purely as a discipline for analyzing manufacturing and supply chain processes to one that also lends huge expertise to the service sector. A domain that has greatly benefited from this trend is the healthcare industry. In the United States, healthcare spending alone is rapidly approaching a fifth of GDP, and unless drastic improvements in efficiency are achieved, accelerating healthcare cost inflation is not expected to vanish anytime soon.

Several graduate students attending this year's INFORMS conference are working on tough, intractable problems, some of which have plagued the health industry for decades. At the healthcare poster session on Monday, the students displayed their research questions as well as the results. Their research interests span a wide spectrum. Some are concerned with mitigating the impact of unexpected events. Valerie Chase at the University of Michigan, for instance, is developing forecasting methods to predict arrivals to the emergency room, whereas Georgia Tech's Jacqueline Griffin is using simulation to effectively allocate resources in a hospital maternity ward. Others are more into developing good performance metrics. Abigail Wooldridge at the University of Louisville has developed a productivity standard that captures both patient wait times and resource utilization.

Still others use advanced analytic tools to explore decisions that have repercussions for the treatment of progressive diseases. North Carolina State University's Muge Capan is using Markov chains to optimize treatment costs for Alzheimer's disease, and Daniel Underwood, also from NC State, is using a similar approach to find optimal solutions to the problem of determining appropriate test thresholds for prostate cancer.

After the restaurant and professional service operations (e.g., banking), healthcare is set to be the next big beneficiary of new insights and techniques that are continuously being discovered and invented by the operations research community.

Promoting the O.R. MINDSET

Ken Chelstby Ana-Iulia Alexandrescu
Project MINDSET is a five-year initiative funded by a $3 million National Science Foundation grant to promote the development of analytical and mathematical modeling skills among senior high school students. The project addresses a widespread problem in U.S. secondary education---namely, students' difficulty with word problems, multistep solution approaches, and analyzing and interpreting the solution and results obtained. Project MINDSET started in North Carolina as a result of the historically high value the state places on mathematics education. Today, as a result of the committed efforts of Ken Chelst from Wayne State University, David Goldsman from Georgia Tech's ISyE Department, and other highly motivated and very involved individuals, the program has grown and spread over three states: North Carolina, Michigan, and Georgia. At present, there are 220 teachers that use the materials developed by Chelst's group and teach 2,000+ high school students topics, ranging from deterministic linear and integer optimization and applications in transportation and facility location and assignments, to decision trees, Poisson processes, and queuing theory. The novelty rises not only from the areas explored, which complement the traditional calculus and geometry curriculum, but also from the approach used, which highlights scenario-based learning, providing fun problems that are relevant and interesting to students, such as selecting the most cost-effective family phone plan and deciding which colleges to apply to or choose. Extensive feedback from students and teachers suggests a change in the attitude of students toward math and a heightened ability of teachers to capture their students' interest and engagement in the classroom. Though successful where implemented, this "grassroots" movement faces tremendous challenges stemming from the lack of visibility and the risk and absence of incentives for teachers to reform the math curriculum. In areas where the academic O.R. community has lent its support, such as in Georgia and North Carolina, the teachers have embarked on the initiative with a high degree of success; they themselves have become excited about introducing these tools to the students. This points to the local academic institutions as having a great power to influence the high school math curriculum and significantly change the MINDSET of the students. Note: For his contribution to the society, his vested interest in promoting education, and his work with the MINDSET project, as well as his close ties with the industry, Chelst was awarded the prestigious INFORMS President's Award yesterday evening.

The Emergence of Big Data

by Belleh Fontem
In laying out a vision for the future of data analytics, Keith Collins, CEO and Senior Vice President of SAS Software, used Ray Kurzweil's singularity concept (the accelerating pace of technology and the eventual merging of man and machine) as an analogy for a point in the distant future when data mining and modeling will converge in a seamless construct.

Globalization and the advent of the of the knowledge economy have resulted in a huge data deluge with important consequences for the competitive dynamics of the data analytics industry. There is an inundation of data in almost every industry conceivable, and although the average number of transactions per person remains fairly static, the attributes of those doing these transactions are in a state of constant flux. To respond to the challenges induced by these changes, companies such as the one Collins leads are moving from a product-centric business approach to a customer-centric one. For example, SAS clients in the consumer retail, banking, healthcare, and utilities industries now place more emphasis on supporting services that come with the data analysis applications rather than the applications themselves. In essence, they have realized that business analytics can be an important lever for competitive advantage, thereby forcing SAS to move from a pure analytics company to a solutions company. Moreover, for companies like SAS, the shortage of experts is putting upward pressure on the cost of selling these services.

Given the growth in the strategic importance of data analytics, Collins said that companies operating in his industry could not afford to look at data in the same manner. To prepare for the future, his company is focusing on the three pillars of high performance: computing, creating intuitive visualization capability, and applying text analytics to unstructured data.

He mentioned that the roots of SAS lie in academia and that the data analytics industry continues to rely heavily on organizations such as INFORMS to nurture talent and drive research, which is effectively the required fuel for innovation.

Why Good Simulations Go Bad

by Ana-Iulia Alexandrescu
Barry NelsonThe International Honor Society of Operations Research and the Management Sciences, Omega Rho for short, has inducted Barry Nelson, the Walter P. Murphy Professor and Chair of the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences at Northwestern University, as their 45th Honorary Member. He gave a high-level overview for simulation non-experts on the beauty and pitfalls of simulation models, highlighting several categories for consideration. Beginning with his own first exposure to simulation with a numerically integrated system of differential equations modeling a dog chasing a runner in his early years of college, and drawing on a plethora of examples ranging from a heart project, to a newsvendor problem, to the Jai-Alai Spectacular 7 Scoring system, to queues, Nelson did a wonderful job presenting the challenges of building good, useful simulation models. He addressed problems that arise from misrepresenting risk, using antiquated tools in building experiments, and misinterpreting the results; he provided several demos to prove his points. He furthermore stressed the importance of asking the right questions and building accurate and truthful statistical models to ensure the usefulness and truthfulness of the simulation. In the Q&A session, Nelson gave his opinion on the direction of the field, remarking the tremendous potential arisen from the development of analytics and conjecturing that the marriage between vast amounts of data and simulation tools is where the research in simulation is heading.

Random Blog Sample

Social Networking PanelThe Social Media Session Rocked by Paul Rubin
The afternoon panel session on social media for O.R. was standing-room only. Thank you to everyone who took time to attend (including resident skeptic Irv Lustig, who kept us at least somewhat grounded). Props to Tim Hopper, who didn't flinch at being the one student on a panel loaded with extinguished faculty (and Bjarni K., the Wotan of Web 2.0). It probably didn't hurt that Tim is as tall as the rest of us put together. Read more.

"Twop Tweet"

Awesome group of OR braintrust and leadership at the Fellows lunch. Congrats to the new recipients! #informs2011

Follow @agrobins.

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INFORMS Speakers' BookstoreCome to the INFORMS Booth (#121, 125, 127) for the latest information on INFORMS services, awards, activities, and product offerings. Pick up copies of INFORMS journals, magazines, and books. Ask for a demo of INFORMS PubsOnLine or speak to an INFORMS staff member to answer your membership or communities-related questions. If you've been an INFORMS/ORSA/TIMS member for at least 25 years, stop by and pick up your ribbon.

INFORMS booth also features a Speakers' Bookstore that is displaying select O.R., MS, and analytics-related books authored by INFORMS speakers.

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Spotlight on Exhibitors

American Optimal Decisions #103
American Optimal Decisions (AOD) is a privately held company that provides consulting services and software solutions in advanced statistics, optimization and risk management.

AMPL Optimization LLC #209
AMPL Optimization develops and supports the AMPL modeling language, a powerful and natural tool for creating and managing the large, complex optimization problems that arise in numerous applications.

AnyLogic North America #216, 218
AnyLogic is the premier multi-method simulation application on the market.

ASEE SMART Scholarship Program #219
American Society for Engineering Education The SMART Scholarship for Service Program is an opportunity for students pursuing a degree in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) disciplines to receive a scholarship and be employed upon degree completion at a DoD research facility.

Cambridge University Press #204
Cambridge's publishing in books and journals combines state-of-the-art content with the highest standards of scholarship, writing and production.

COIN-OR #305
Visit the Computational Infrastructure for Operations Research booth to learn about high-quality, free, open-source tools for OR professionals and students, suitable for commercial, educational and personal use.

CSX Transportation #220
CSX Transportation operates the largest railroad in the eastern United States. Operations research helps achieve its goals, operationally and financially, by using methods like mathematical modeling, statistics and algorithms to arrive at optimal decisions.

Dynamic Ideas #224
Dynamic Ideas is a publisher of scientific books that have quality and originality in the areas of operations research and applied mathematics.

Elsevier #105
Elsevier publishes more than 40 high-quality journals covering Operations Research and related disciplines, which are edited by the greatest minds in the field.

FICO #213, 215
FICO delivers superior optimization, predictive analytics, and business rules management software products that drive smarter decisions.

Forio Online Simulations #106
Forio provides online software that lets you create web-based simulations on topics like innovation, finance, urban planning and healthy populations.

Frontline Systems, Inc. #214
Discover new tools for predictive and prescriptive analytics in Excel, using data mining, simulation and optimization, from Excel Solver developer Frontline Systems.

GAMS Development Corp. #114
The General Algebraic Modeling System (GAMS) is a high-level modeling system for mathematical programming and optimization.

Gurobi Optimization #110
Gurobi Optimization provides high performance LP, QP and MIP solvers.

IBM: ILOG Optimization #113, 115, 117
The combination of ILOG, SPSS and IBM has created the largest full-service OR company. Join us for a complimentary pre-conference workshop to learn how IBM is bringing OR and Supply Chain Optimization into practice and for a special academic user group session.

INFORMS #121, 125, 127
Visit our booth/bookstore to talk with INFORMS staff about our journals, magazines, membership benefits and services, continuing education, communities, networking opportunities, and our new journal Service Science.

INFORMS Future Meetings #119
Come to the booth for a preview of our future meetings, including the 2012 INFORMS Annual Meeting, Oct. 14-17 in Phoenix!

LINDO Systems, Inc. #301
LINDO Systems will highlight recent enhancements to our optimization modeling software including updates to the linear, integer and global solvers and stochastic programming capabilities.

LINKS-simulations.com #223
The integrative, team-based, competitive LINKS business simulations are used worldwide in undergraduate, MBA, and EMBA courses and in corporate Exec Ed programs.

Lumina Decision Systems, Inc. #217
Serious analysts prefer Analytica to spreadsheets because of its intuitive visual influence diagrams, Intelligent Arrays for managing multiple dimensions, fast Monte Carlo for risk and uncertainty, and scalability to handle large problems.

Maximal Software, Inc. #101
MPL has been distributed with a standard GUI interface for development and the object-oriented OptiMax Component library for deployment for many years now.

McGraw-Hill/Irwin #309
McGraw-Hill is a premier publisher in operations management and decision sciences with leading textbooks and technology for operations management, supply chain management, service operations, project management, operations research, spreadsheet modeling and decision analysis, and simulation.

McGraw-Hill Professional #307
McGraw-Hill is a leading global publisher of books and online resources designed to meet the professional needs of the OR/MS community.

now publishers #122
now publishers publishes high quality reference, research and review journals in business and technology.

Oracle Crystal Ball #303
Oracle Crystal Ball is the leading spreadsheet-based application suite for predictive modeling, forecasting, simulation and optimization.

Palgrave Macmillan #206
Palgrave Macmillan is proud to be the publisher of The OR Society and delighted to announce the latest addition to the ORS journal portfolio: Health Systems.

Palisade Corporation #124
Palisade Corporation is the maker of the market leading risk and decision analysis software @RISK and the DecisionTools� Suite.

Responsive Learning Technologies #210
Excite and engage your operations and supply chain management students with our award winning, competitive web-based games.

Salford Systems #208
Salford Systems offers an accurate, ultra-fast predictive and data mining platform.

SAS #201
The leader in business analytics, SAS enables organizations to turn data into fact-based insight about customers, performance, financials and more.

SAS Global Academic Program #203
SAS is the leader in business intelligence and analytical software and services.

SAS Institute, JMP Division #205
JMP� is the SAS� software designed for dynamic data visualization on the desktop.

SIAM #120
Visit the SIAM booth to check out our new publications, including titles in the MOS-SIAM Series on Optimization and other recently published and bestselling SIAM books, all available at a conference discount.

South-Western Cengage Learning #321, 323
Cengage Learning/South-Western Publishing is a leading provider of innovative teaching, learning and research solutions for the academic and professional markets worldwide.

Springer #116, 118
Springer is one of the largest scientific publishing companies in the world, with a portfolio of 4,000 new books per year and more than 1,200 journals.

Syncopation Software, Inc. #313
Syncopation Software is a leading provider of business analytic tools for decision analysis, risk analysis, Monte Carlo simulation and real option valuation.

Tableau Software #221
Tableau Software's Tableau for Teaching (TfT) supports the academic community to teach skills around data analysis, informatics and data visualization.

Taylor & Francis Group #102, 104
CRC Press - Taylor & Francis is a premier publisher in mathematics, sciences and engineering textbooks, professional manuals, reference works, journals and electronic databases.

Texas A&M University #207
The Department of Statistics at Texas A&M University offers an online Master of Science in Statistics degree and Certificates with the emphasis in Data Mining, Biostatistics, or Applied Statistics.

Walden University #107
For 40 years, Walden University has helped working professionals reach their academic goals and make a greater impact in their organizations and communities.

Wiley-Blackwell #202
Wiley-Blackwell is the international scientific, technical, medical and scholarly publishing business of John Wiley & Sons, with strengths in every major academic and professional field and partnerships with many of the world's leading societies.

Ziena Optimization LLC #108
Ziena was founded in 2001 by world-renowned scientists to provide robust software tools and responsive, professional technical support for difficult nonlinear optimization problems.