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2011 Annual Judicial Pig Roast & 5K Run to the Courthouse 

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April 9th, 2011

A Message from HCBA Pig Roast Chair James Schmidt:


Some things come around only once a year. And you get that feeling of anticipation that something really fun is about to happen. We all know what I am talking about. For me, it's the HCBA Pig Roast. I love looking around and seeing all of the committee chairs, Board members, active members, judges, and courthouse employees, with their families and guests, in flip flops (or now, running shoes!) enjoying the truly remarkable company that we keep at the bar association.


I have been a fan of the Pig Roast since I joined the bar. And last spring, on an otherwise quiet afternoon, I was summoned to Connie Pruitt's office for the first time in my life, and asked if I would be the chairperson of it. Of course, I agreed. And having since been in this pivotal center of influence, I have heard some pretty cool stories. Here is just one.


Long ago, in the annals of Pig Roast history, there was a lawyer who thought he was pretty good at making barbeque. He spent his summers training and practicing, cooking for friends, and visiting a retreat in the woods where he would barbeque with an elite group of other passionists. He came and he barbequed at the first pig roast. That's right, the first ever. And though this lawyer is now celebrated for his defense of the common man, his identity has been lost to history, except for a handful of those who know it well.


The lore is thick and rich and is added to every year. Someday we will be the ones who recall how bar association presidents once sat in dunk booths for charity. In the spirit of keeping this great tradition alive, we are always looking for new blood, so don't be surprised if you get a tap on the shoulder or gentle request for support. We would love to have you.


The Annual Pig Roast will be held on the grounds of the HCBA

1610 N. Tampa Street - Pig Roast 5:00-8:00 pm


5 K check in time 4:00 pm  5 K Race starts at 5:30pm

5 K Registration will be held in the parking lot of Stetson College of Law, Tampa

5K Pre-Registration: $35.00 per person, (includes admission to Pig Roast and 5k Run)


Pig Roast Registration: $30.00

Pig Roast Registration AT THE EVENT:  $35.00 per person


How can you get involved in the most popular event of the HCBA?

 Attend the Judicial Pig Roast

  Run, Walk or Crawl in the  Annual 5k Race to the Courthouse

to benefit Pro Bono Services.


You can host a free booth, become a sponsor, register to run or

organize a firm team (min. 3) in the 5k Race to the Courthouse.


Go to for more info, or call Michele to host a booth 221-7776

 and Dawn 221-7779 to become a sponsor.


To register for the Pig Roast only call 813-221-7777 or register online HERE


To register for the 5K Run to the Courthouse - download form and fax to (813-221-7778)


You must register for both events separately