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Fall, 2012
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Greetings from Stepup-Speakout!
The purpose of our Fall, 2012, Newsletter is to let you all know that Stepup-Speakout is now on Facebook and Twitter,  and we have our own Blog.
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 We are confident that by using this social media, we can keep you totally up-to-date on which is happening in the lymphedema world.
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Your friends at StepUp-SpeakOut!

Even if it's the cool Fall season, your lymphedema won't be taking a break. Keep your fall happy and healthy by remembering a few seasonal precautions:
  • Don't forget to make time for your MLD, exercise, daily rest and relaxation.
  • Drink plenty of water -- that's harder to remember in the cooler weather, but just as important.
  • Be lavish with the lotion to keep cool-weather dry skin from cracking and causing you grief.
  • Wear warm, dry hand protection (mittens are better than gloves) to avoid the swelling that can happen in extreme cold.
  • At this time of year, check the expiration dates on your on-hand antibiotics (oral and topical) and replace them as necessary.



As women and men with post-breast cancer lymphedema we have struggled to uncover the information we've needed about this condition, to find good treatment for it, and to keep it in control. With the help of our fellow lymphedema sisters and brothers we have even learned to live comfortably with it. Out of those experiences and a desire to share our discoveries with others,we have created this site in order to STEP UP and SPEAK OUT:

To provide accurate and accessible information about lymphedema, its prevention and treatment, to all women and men who have been treated for breast cancer.
To raise awareness of lymphedema risk and promote risk reduction practices
among all breast cancer veterans.
To support those with breast cancer as they pursue prevention and treatment
options for lymphedema, and to help them find the resources they need for managing both the risk and the treatment of this condition. 
To represent the concerns and interests of women and men with lymphedema
and advocate with them in the medical and research communities, the political arena, and among the general public.
To promote research into the prevention, treatment and cure of lymphedema.
24 East Avenue
New Canaan, CT 06840