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As promised, we've posted the 2012 New Product Announcements from TSM and Fujimi at MotorsportCollector.com. They present an exciting menu of future projects that include classic and modern day Formula One and Sports Racing cars along with elegant road machines and highly collectible autographed limited editions. Photos of most of the proposed models can be accessed on the list pages. A few of them are featured below.

We will be adding these future releases to our Online Shopping website as soon as we can but you can reserve items now by using our standard Secure Order Form (links are located on each page), via email or by giving us a call at one of the above numbers. We will reserve quantities of the models that fit our 'normal' theme of modern day and historic racing subjects but if you wish to order something outside of those interests (a Rolls Royce, for example) we strongly suggest you reserve one in advance.

To access the Lists, just click on the images below.

In other news:

The 'standard' shipment of Autocourse 2011/12 is expected to reach the US in the next few days. We hope to ship advance orders next week. $59.95 plus shipping. Order HERE.

We expect delivery of the first two 1/18 scale releases from Replicarz later this month. There's still time to order your Mario Andretti Brawner Hawk and So-Cal Belly Tank racer from our first shipment!

Remember: We are offering free UPS Ground shipping on orders of two or more models from our January 2012 Spark - Bizarre Delivery page. Orders must be received by January 15. If ordering online, we will deduct the shipping cost from the total and will confirm via email.

Talk to you soon!

 - Paul
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