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Wow! The UK scandal has legs - UK, France, Poland and now Romania, Italy and Sweden. Here are several good articles that Jo-Claire, RT, and yours truly dug out. I was in the car this morning and our local CBS radio station in Chicago, WBBM, ran the story during their headline news they run every � hour. I heard it on two newscasts so I suspect it was on others, as well. Also, of note, is a friend that receives a health newsletter from Dr. Mercola called me to say he had an article [Avoid This Meat Like the Plague] on the scandal so there is another audience that was reached that may not be aware of horse slaughter.


I wonder if our burgers would get a clean bill of health.... Have you also noticed the deafening silence from our meat industry and the darkside? I'll bet they are scrambling to do damage control.




Please visit each site and comment (where allowed) so the publications know this is of major interest and it should be kept front and center. Just visiting the site will add to their hits.


The Huffington Post ran Vickery's article a few days ago.



The original article on Forbes:





UK vets have 'repeatedly raised concerns' over bute in food






Poland, Italy and Romania


Horsemeat scandal blamed on international fraud by mafia gangs


DNA testing of food to be stepped up following fears there has been criminal activity on an international scale






Sweden drawn into horse meat scandal






Oklahoma Slaughter bills: While the horse meat scandal rages, McNiel in Oklahoma says slaughter is needed for old horses!



Measures would legalize horse slaughter in Oklahoma




This is from James McWilliams and gives a nod to to Vickery's article.


Oklahoma's Mystery Meat







And finally, from James McWilliams, this is not about the scandal but I thought was a well written article and food for thought about slaughter in general.


Moral Disengagement and Animal Cruelty


Stay tuned as this is probably only the tip of the iceberg....


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