GAFCON Report 3

Worship in this gathering is such a treat and gift! Imagine 1300+ voices all singing vigorously and with enthusiasm in worship and praise.  In true African style dance to the Lord is often a part of that. The Lord has freed me up somewhat in that area which has been a healing thing for me.


Mini conferences began today.  They are smaller conferences within the larger gathering. I'm attending the one on theological education around the world.  Our diocesan contingent is spread around the conferences to take advantage of as much as possible.


Safety, since you've is being taken seriously, but not invasive or disruptive. 

  • Not a concern for me at all, all's well
  • Buses are loaded within cathedral gates
  • Hotel and cathedral have security checks upon entry
  • Security guard stationed at every floor of the hotel throughout the night
  • All delegates were given background checks before arrival
  • The most interesting time was when departure buses were arriving just as the Governor's security detail and entourage were leaving. It created quite a jam and, unfortunately, we were dismissed before all that was straightened out, so 1300+ pedestrians on the roadway didn't really help much. It took some time to get the snarl figured out. There was an extreme of responses from the delegates with some a bit cranky at the end of a long day but others were having a ball with the 3rd world-esque moment. What's your guess for my reaction?


Highlight of the day for me was the clergy women's dinner. Over 40 of us attended from  Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Madagascar, province of the Indian Ocean, US, and I'm forgetting someone!  None of the Brits or those from Australia, New Zealand, etc., could join us since their delegations were given receptions at their respective High Commissions (aka equivalent of our Embassy). Such a sweet time of fellowship and connection together!  I sat beside a woman from Uganda who pastors 10 congregations, walking between 4 and 10 miles to get to them from her home.  Amazing group of women, many of whom pastor churches while working in other professional jobs.  I am humbled and amazed in what they are experiencing for the sake of the gospel.


More contacts (due to your continued prayers for divine appointments): 

  • Encouraging a young priest from Rwanda in how to balance ministry and family needs
  • Good time connecting with a woman priest and Canon from Rwanda who solely leads 5 services in 4 different languages every Sunday
  • Getachew, an apostolic leader evangelizing Muslims in North Kenya, that Jim and I have known since our Global Teams days.
  • Connecting again with Bishop Martin Minn's family. Their granddaughter is marrying my nephew. Not sure exactly sure what the technical kinship term is between us...
  • And so many more...! This extrovert even reaches her saturation from time to time in this very communal setting and different understandings of personal space. Such a fun, upbeat connecting environment!

Thanks for your continued prayers as well as the privilege to represent you here among the wider church!





P.S. One thought for your prayers - for those trying to figure out the logistical details of getting us all to the airport as the Nairobi marathon this weekend will close down many city roads, creating interesting challenges.
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