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OrMOM Volunteer News2/19/2013

It's that time again!


We are starting to get things arranged for our fourth (!!!) Oregon Mission of Mercy dental clinic! 
We will be back at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, November 24-27, 2013.  We'll set up on Sunday, treat patients on Monday and Tuesday, and tear down on Tuesday evening and, if needed, Wednesday morning.
One Truck or Two?  
Thanks to the generosity of the Oregon Convention Center, we have plenty of space available to double our size and hold a 2-truck (i.e. 200 chair) clinic.  Our concern about increasing the size of this free dental clinic stems on our ability to find enough volunteers to serve this excess capacity.  As you'll see below, registration is now open.  Please take the time to block November 25th & 26th on your calendar, and register now to volunteer at the 2013 Oregon Mission of Mercy.  We will be watching volunteer registration as we make the final decision of whether we can help 2,000 or 3,000 patients.  You can very easily make a difference in someone's life this Thanksgiving! 
You have received this email because you either volunteered at a previous clinic, signed up to receive email updates, and/or are an ODA member dentist/dental student.  We look forward to seeing you at OrMOM 2013!

2012 OrMOM Stats

1,076 volunteers
1,024 patients
6,015 procedures
$742,377.57 worth of treatment

By Procedure
Cleanings: 443
Xrays: 1,578
Fillings: 932
Endo: 38
Extractions: 1,255
Partial Dentures: 87

Dentists: 122
Assistants: 150
Hygienists: 101
Lab Techs: 15
Pharmacy field: 12
Medical field: 43
Students: 23
Community: 610
OrMOM Totals Since 2010
Patient Visits: 4,601
Procedures: 23,695
Value of Treatment Provided:

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Volunteer Registration NOW OPEN!

Register NOW, and then tell your friends and colleagues to join you!  It takes a lot of people of all different talents to successfully hold a clinic of this size and to help as many people as we do.  It's a life altering experience that you don't want to miss - read what volunteers and patients have to say about Oregon Mission of Mercy.


Out of state dentists and hygienists can now receive a temporary license to practice at OrMOM!  Fill out this form and submit it to the Oregon Board of Dentistry at least 10 days before you are scheduled to volunteer.


2013 OrMOM Registration:

2012 OrMOM Video 
Would you like to see an Oregon Mission of Mercy clinic in action?  Watch this video from the 2012 clinic in Medford. 


2012 Oregon Mission of Mercy in Medford, Oregon

Find more information on Oregon Mission of Mercy at

Another Opportunity to Help

We are looking for two dentists, their assistants, and a hygienist to help provide urgent dental care in the Medical Teams International van at the Oregon Medical Association's Health Fair, being held Friday, April 19th at the Oregon Convention Center Plaza in Portland. Email for more information.