2013 was a busy year with many changes in economic development and safety in the 46th Ward. We've had growth in new businesses, expansion of some of our best social services, and an increase in employment. Some key buildings that have been vacant or had years of neglect and dangerous conditions are turning around. We have also made some great strides in increasing public safety within all of our neighborhoods.


New Business

In the past year, we've had over a hundred new businesses or businesses that have expanded in the 46th Ward including Forget Me Knodt at 1313 W. Wilson, Waffles Cafe at 3611 N. Broadway, and Hollenberg & Co Furniture at 4609 N. Clark to name a few.

 Properties that have been vacant for several years now have activity, which will bring more life to the streets. In particular:

1025 W. Sunnyside: Chicago Women's Health Center

4150 N. Broadway: a new 7-11 Store

3740 N. Halsted: 269 apt units with 1st floor retail 


Promoting economic development has also paid off with producing more job opportunities. Uptown's unemployment rate is 7.7% and Lake View's unemployment rate is 4.4%, which are well below the City's overall average of 11.1%.  

Three market-rate apartment buildings that had all been placed in court-ordered receivership because of extensive code violations (the Norman, the Chateau Hotel, and the Lawrence House) were sold and are now going through extensive renovations. The new owners of these buildings worked and continue to work with social services to find better permanent housing for their former residents, often at rates that were less than what they had been paying. In addition, I have made sure that we have kept all of our government subsidized units, which are crucial to keeping people in low-cost, quality housing and protecting diversity in our neighborhoods. 


I urged the owner of the Wilson Men's Cubicle Hotel to make serious improvements to this residence. The results are that the men now have an eating area so that they don't have to solely rely on soup kitchens for a prepared meal. They now have a warm gathering space for socialization inside during our frigid winters. I also successfully fought for City funding to get an onsite social worker from Inspiration Cafe who will assist the residents with addressing issues they may have.


Social Services 

Sarah's Circle opened up new offices and ten beautiful apartments for women at 4838 N. Sheridan. They also moved their homeless shelter out of a church basement and into a more suitable space at 4750 N. Sheridan. This move provides greater dignity for women needing support to find permanent housing.


Public Safety

We have seen a decrease in crime overall in the 46th Ward. In Lake View, crime has declined 13% within the last year. Click here for more details. Crime in the Uptown neighborhood had a more dramatic decline, with a 30% drop in overall crime in the past year. Three types of crime (violent, property, quality of life) are experiencing historic lows since I've been in office. While 1 murder is too many, we had 5 murders in 2012 and 1 murder in 2013, which shows we're going in the right direction to curb crime. Click here for more details.


Looking Ahead

2014 looks to be even better. The 46th Ward Master Plan and the planned Wilson L rehab (which will start this year) have helped jump start more business development in the Ward. The 4700 block of N. Broadway will be hopping, starting with Kiss Kiss Cabaret coming into the Uptown Broadway Building at 4703-15 N. Broadway in late spring. They will feature burlesque, comedy, magic, music, juggling and more! You can also expect to hear more news about other major developments coming our way on that block. Later this year, the community will be providing feedback for a major street-scape project within the Entertainment District and our protected bike lanes will get installed this spring. Overall, you can expect some exciting things ahead for this year.  


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   Ald. James Cappleman

Open Office Hours
Ald. Cappleman has open office hours every Wednesday (5pm - 7pm) and Saturday (9am - Noon). On the second Saturday of each month, the Alderman attends a not-for-profit board meeting and will not be available, but a staff member will be in the office to assist you.

Snow Removal
There have been many questions and concerns about the snow removal in the City. Protocol determines that the focus is first to plow the major streets and then the side streets. For this last storm, after snow plows and salt spreaders finished the major streets, the subzero temperatures set in making it more difficult to plow the side streets in an effective manner. Compounding this issue was that the salt was no longer effective due to the low temperatures. The side streets were plowed at least twice, but the plows were having little effect on the thick ice that had later developed with the packed down snow in the subzero temperatures. During this time, garbage collection was delayed so that the focus could remain on snow removal. Thank you all for your patience during this frustrating time and thanks to all who shoveled snow at the crosswalks and down your entire block so that people with wheelchairs, walkers, and strollers could cross. It really helped!  

Property Tax Exemptions
2013 applications for the Homeowners, Senior, and Senior Freeze Property Tax Exemptions are now available. Click here to view Commissioner Bridget Gainer's website to download the application. Call 312-603-4210 for more information.

New IL Law Limiting Disabled Placard Use
A new law is in place that narrows the use of disability parking placards. There will be additional criteria to determine whether or not there needs to be payment for metered parking. For more information, click here

2014 Festival & Event Dates for Chicago 
The Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs & Special Events has released their calendar for events in Chicago throughout the year. Although some neighborhood focused events have not yet been planned for the year, you can view the major events by clicking here to see the calendar.  

Addressing Chronic Crime
CAPS is set up to address your concerns of chronic crime in your neighborhood. A representative from the 46th Ward Office attends all of these meetings as well. For information about your local CAPS meeting, click here.

Sarah's Circle Winter Walk 2014 
You're invited to walk with others to walk a "homeless mile" through the neighborhood. The goal is to increase awareness about homelessness and to help raise funds for Sarah's Circle. To register for the walk, click here or email shodges@sarahs-circle.org.
When: Sunday, Feb. 9 at 1pm 
Where: Sarah's Circle at 4838 N. Sheridan 

Kenny Mac's Barbershop at 1016 W. Leland

A shout-out to Kenny Mac McClendon who opened a new business last year. Not only is he committed to giving back to the neighborhood, but his shop specializes in men's grooming services: hot towel lather razor shave, beard & mustache trims and tints, taper fades, bold fades, low fades, high fades, high top fades, mohawks, graphic hair design, facial massages, manicures, and grooming products. Walk-ins accepted with hours 10am - 7pm, Tuesday through Saturday.
For more information, call 773-754-7110 
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