April 7, 2014
Aesthetically, they're not very pleasing. They don't sound like what most of us feel a Formula One car should sound like. Their Platypus-shaped nose designs makes us long for the good old days before complicated rules packages and wind tunnel testing transformed F1 cars from works of art to ugly ducklings. But last weekend, the ugly ducklings put on one of the most exciting and competitive Grand Prix races in years. No one at the Bahrain International Circuit or watching the race on TV was paying attention to how the cars looked or sounded. They were enjoying 57 fantastic laps of wheel to wheel action through the entire pack as teammates fought each other for position and some smaller teams found their way to the sharp end of the field - and for one outfit, Force India, to the Podium. 
Great stuff. 
More, please.
Now on to the 2014 Formula One model lineup:
This year, the entire 22 car F1 grid will be modeled in 1/43 scale through the combined efforts of Minichamps, Spark and Mattel Hot Wheels Elite:
Minichamps will produce diecast models of the Red Bull, Mercedes and McLaren teams in 1/43 and 1/18 scale. A $75.00 srp has been set for the Red Bull and Mercedes models, with McLaren priced slightly higher at $78.00. The 1/18 scale versions are all priced at $145.00.
Minichamps will also produce 1/43 scale resin models of Force India, Lotus, Sauber and Toro Rosso. The price for these resin models has been set at $119.00.
Spark will produce 1/43 scale resin models of all but Ferrari and Force India teams. No 1/18 scale announcements yet, but stay tuned. Their 1/43 price has been announced as $80.00.
As usual, Hot Wheels Elite will model the Ferraris in both 1/18 and 1/43 scale. Their prices are listed at $119.95 (1/18) and $49.95 (1/43). A 'special edition' Alonso is also listed.
No firm release dates are available for any of these models at this time. We probably won't see 1/43 scale models appear until the late fall and 1/18 scale models in late 2014. 
And, as collectors are aware, it's not unusual to see a price increase between a model's announcement and actual release.
You can find the entire 2014 Formula One Collection and place your orders HERE. Since we have to have our advance orders in with the manufacturers in a matter of days, your imput will be very helpful.
Talk to you soon.
 - Paul

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