November 2013  


There are many aspects of the Thanksgiving season. Being thankful for family, friends, health, weather, jobs, were you live, and what you do are just a few of the things for which you might be thankful.  However, are you also thankful for rainy days, stop lights, lost customers, bad hair days, and all the things in life that go wrong?  


We are often thankful for all the good things in our lives, and yet we also need to be thankful for the not as good things too.  It is the difficult things that enter our lives which often provides more of the life lessons we really need than the good things.  Learn to embrace the "not as good things" that come your way. They are the experiences that really teach us, help us grow, and make us who we are.  


 Janna Hoiberg

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How to master yourself, become a Business Leader

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It is time to establish your business Growth Plan! 

What will the next 90 days hold for your business?


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  • Take home strategies to build profits right away 
  • A personal workbook mapping out precise goals and activity for the next 90 days in all key areas of your business 
  • A network of business contacts to work with 
  • The skills and tools to get more done in less time 
  • A clear understanding of what has worked in your business and what hasn't... and WHY 
  • New ways to get your team to take responsibility and ownership of their roles IN the business ....leaving you more free time to work ON the business  
Invest in knowing where your business is going tomorrow, and the steps you need to lead it there. Don't let another day just slip away, become proactive and take charge of the direction your future takes! Sign up today and see your business path clearly!
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Event date:
 December 13, 2013

Event Time:
8:00am - 4:00pm

Event Venue:
The Inn at Palmer Divide
443 S. Hwy. 105, Palmer Lake, CO 
SeasonA Season of Special Events!
The last couple of months have kept me very busy.  I want to say a special THANK YOU to all who attended the two Family Business fun nights!  

Those who attended found that the stories I have to share and the lessons offered within the book are actually generic throughout most businesses, not just in a family business.  It was funny to see how many people reacted to examples that were written long before I had met them, however they insisted I was talking about them!  It just goes to show that your situation is more than likely very similar to others experiencing the joys and the trials of a family business. 
A big THANK YOU, to Laura Prather, Boss Lady at Rocky Mountain Cowgirl for hosting our first event.  Wonderful hostess, great food, and fantastic store to do a bit of shopping! 
We held two events at Soiree in November. The first event introduced a whole different set of people to the Family
Business book, and the second event was a video taping for an upcoming introduction for my potential speaking engagements. Both events included some very special people that I am proud to call friends and colleagues.   

PaulPaul Hasty, more than just a pretty face!


"Yes, that's right," says Paul Hasty aka The Spoiler Dude, "not only am I a pretty face, but it seems I'm also a competitive winner when it comes to racing go-karts!"  


I recently joined my colleagues at the Unser Racing Indoor Karts arena to attend ActionCOACH Janna Hoiberg's 90-day planning session for my business.  If you are a business owner like I am, you know how important it is to review, plan, and put action steps into place to ensure the stability of your business.  I'm telling you, my time with Janna is never wasted!  While there, we indulged in a go-kart race on the Unser racing track and, you've got it, I WON!
What I learned was keeping your eye on what is in front of you, without losing sight of what is around and behind you is what keeps you ahead of the game!"


A Season of Special Events
More Than A Pretty Face Out of the Box Thinking
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