"simply an astonishing Yquem that will rank alongside the 2001 and 2009" Neal Martin
"an incredible young Yquem... like a great vintage of Montrachet" James Suckling

"one of the truly epic wines of the vintage... hauntingly beautiful... truly magnificent!" Antonio Galloni

"This is a seriously good Yquem" Jancis Robinson MW
We can now offer 2015 Chateau Yquem: released to a chorus of unanimous high-praise from all the major critics.
After a harvest that spanned nearly 9 weeks Chateau d'Yquem have produced a wine that rivals the perfect scoring 2001 and 2009 vintages.
We are excited to offer bottles and halves as well as large formats at no premium.
Please let us know if you are interested.
2015 Chateau d'Yquem
£1500 per 6x75cl
£1500 per 12x37.5cl
£500 per magnum
£1000 per double magnum (3 litres)
£2000 per Imperial (6 litres)
£3000 per Salmanazar (9 litres)
£4000 per Balthazar (12 litres)
£5000 per Nebuchadnezzar (15 litres)
The 2015 Château d'Yquem is a blend of 75% Semillon and 25% Sauvignon Blanc that was picked on the gravelly soils as early as 3 and 4 September until 21 October, four tries through the vineyard. It delivers 144 grams per liter of residual sugar, with six-grams of tartaric acid, a pH 3.65 and 13.9% alcohol. It has a show-stopping bouquet that is beautifully defined and very complex and exuberant, infused with greater mineralité than recent vintages - intense but not as flamboyant as say the 2009 Yquem at this stage. The palate boasts absolutely stunning balance. This is a Yquem without a hair out of place: fantastically pure, botrytised fruit caressing the mouth. That is as per normal. What distinguishes this Yquem is the sense of electricity that is imbued by that razor-sharp acidity. There is just unbelievably tension here and to be frank, there is little point in me continuing to write this note, because it is simply an astonishing Yquem that will rank alongside the 2001 and 2009.
98-100 Neal Martin
This is an incredible young Yquem that is so vinous like a great vintage of Montrachet but then on the palate it turns to Yquem with spice, dried fruit and mushroom as well as sweet fruit. Last for minutes. Acidity is all there giving it a dynamic vibrance that jolts your senses. Special wine. It has a little more than than 140 grams of residual sugar, less than the legendary of 2001. But is very close in greatness. Let's wait and see
99-100 James Suckling
Stunning and utterly captivating, the 2015 d'Yquem is shaping up to be one of the truly epic wines of the vintage. All the elements are impeccably balanced, starting with the most captivating, alluring bouquet imaginable. The 2015 floats on the palate with grace and total finesse. What I like most about the 2015 is its airy, nuanced personality. Sweet floral notes, lemon confit, chamomile and acacia are some of the nuances that linger in this hauntingly beautiful d'Yquem. The 2015 was fermented in 100% new oak and residual sugar is 145 grams per liter, but none of that really matters. Readers who can find the 2015 should not hesitate, as it is truly magnificent!
96-98 Antonio Galloni
The nose is thrillingly piercing with intense citrus notes and a volume of scent which is arresting. There is power here and fascinating tension between the richness of sugar and powerful acidity - thanks to the cool temperatures in August and September. One of the hallmarks of Yquem's potential is the control and lack of unnecessary exuberance in its youth. This is buttoned up and fastened down and the power, while yearning to be released, will not emerge for a long time to come. This is a seriously good Yquem.
19.5+ Jancis Robinson MW

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