Dear Inter-Agency Games Focal Points,



We are sending to you this third of three newsletters. Please forward to your IAG participants.

This is our first use of an app to write our newsletter. If it is successful, we will use this app to send information to the 2015 IAG participants during the Games. 


Flight Arrival and Shuttles 



The Empresa Plana,the Official Transport Company for the 2015 UN Inter-Agency Games, will provide round trip transportation for participants between the Barcelona (El Prat) or Reus airports and the Port Aventura on 29 April and 3 May.  

Please follow the directions to the shuttle buses here: HOW TO FIND THE SHUTTLE BUSES



The Schedule for the 42 nd UN Inter-Agency games can be found here:




For the 2015 Games we have taken security of our participants very seriously. The ITU Chief of Security has met in Salou with the Chief of Police for Salou and Tarragona. There will be a police presence at all of the Vnues where the competition. Please say a friendly Hola! to the police men and women that you see. They are there for your security.  The ITU security chief, Donovan Drew along with the security team at Port Aventura and the local police department have developed a security brochure that you will be given to you at registration. You may also find it on the website here.


2015 Inter-Agency Games Security Brochure



Port Aventura El Paso nd Caribe Hotels?

 Port Aventura Hotels

Port Aventura Hotels El Paso and Caribe

The IAG participants will be housed in the El Paso and Caribe hotels. The UN IAG will have exclusive use of the El Paso hotel. We will be the only guest in the hotel. This hotel will only open on the dates of 29 April to 3 May.  As a result participants that are arriving before the Games or staying after will be accommodated in the Caribe Hotel. In El Paso we will have the run of the place and can do whatever we like ;-) 


Registration 29 April

The participants' registration will take place at the Caribe Hotel on Wednesday 29 April from 9h30 to 19h0. Please bring a picture Identification and your IAG ID number. In order to make the registration more efficient, we ask that everyone have his/her IAG Identification number. You can get this number from your IAG focal point or in the lobby of the Caribe hotel where the names and numbers will be posted near the registration desk. This will help us to identify you and retrieve your badge more efficiently. At the same time you will receive your 2015 IAG souvenir package and Security brochure.

If you arrive after 19h00, The registration will open from 22h00 to 23h00. It will also open from 8h00 on Thursday 30 April.


Opening Ceremony

Due to the late arrivals of many participants, we will begin the Opening Ceremony at 20h00. The Opening Ceremony will include your evening meal setup as a dinner buffet of Catalan Tapas. 

The ITU Deputy-Secretary General, Mr. Malcolm Johnson, will officially open the 42nd UN Inter-Agency Games.  Directly after the speech of the DSG there will be a beautiful light and water show on the lake. 


The town of Salou would like for you to know that there is more to Salou than the sports facilities. that they are providing.
Please visit the Salou Tourism Bureau site.   


UNFCU - Helping the people Who help the world


The 2015 Organizing Committee is proud to announce the support of the United Nations Federal Credit Union. The United Nations Federal Credit Union was originally incorporated in 1947. It currently has a membership of more than 100,000 members in 212 countries and territories spanning six continents, assets in excess of US$3.8 billion   and employs a staff of 400  at its headquarters in Long Island City, New York.  


Here is a photo of the IAG Organizing Committee with Mr. Khalid Gherzeddine, (middle left) UNFCU Director of Member Services.


Transportation before 29 April and after 3 May

There are many participants who will arrive the day before or leave the day after the 2015 Inter-Agency Games.  
Empresa Plana has agreed to provide transportation on before 29 April and after 3 May to the IAG at a discounted rate. You may get these rates by going here: Empresa Plana Reservation and using the promotional code
IAG2015. You will receive a 10% discount.



 2015 IAG Official Car Rental Sponsor

The Official Car Rental Company for the 2015 UN Inter-Agency is GoldCar The promotional code is: portaventura-iag2015. With the promotional code you will get up to 20% discount on already low prices. For example you could rent a 5-door car for 5Euros per day. You may also find this information on the home page of the 2015 IAG website.



Salou Sports Map

The 2015 Inter- Agency sports competition will take place in Salou, Tarragona and Cabrils. The map of the three sports areas can be found below. We have tried to get the best facilities


Basketball, Petanque, Swimming, Tennis, and volleyball facilities are in Salou.  The Chess tournament is in Hotel Caribe and the Darts competition is in Hotel Caribe.

The IAG 10K race will Start and Finish in front of El Paso Hotel. The race start-time is 11:00 on Friday, 1 st  of May.


The Salou Tennis Club has made a challenge to the UN IAG tennis players. On Saturday after the tournament, our best male and female tennis players will compete against their best.


See Salou Sports Facilities Map (On this map the basketball and volleyball facilities are reversed.)

Tarragona Sports Map

Athletics, Table Tennis, and Cricket will take place at the sports complex in Tarragona. The Athletics short distance races will take place only on Thursday morning from 9:00. If you would like to see the world's fastest International civil servants (men and women) come to Tarragona at 9:00

Cambrils Sports Map

In Cambrils there will be more than 200 IAG football players competing over a two and a half days. The champions will be very deserving as they will have to compete with a record 20 teams participating in the tournament.

(Badminton has been moved to another site)