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2015 News & Updates
We have a number of new developments this year including a new website, welcoming new members and bidding farewell to other members of our team, attending the Haiti Renewal Alliance Business Expo in Washington, DC., exciting plans for our upcoming summer trip to Haiti and much more!
Off to Haiti Again!

We feel privileged to partner with sister organization  Partners for Change  (PfC) this summer to host entrepreneurship workshops for the mothers of PfC elementary school scholarship students. Our workshops will cover topics such as Marketing, Customer Service, Accounting, New Venture Launch and Teamwork. PfC hopes to rotate new students into its scholarship program as it assists the parents in starting viable businesses that will allow the mothers to assume their children's school tuition. Learn more by visiting our Indiegogo campaign.

Also while i n Haiti we will consult with PWOL, the food warehouse offering organic Haitian produce, that we financed in 2013. The business was profitable for the better part of its first year of operation. Performance has suffered since due a number of factors including the needs for more space, better equipment, increased number of customers and more free flow cash. CHES will return to Cap-Haitien to consult with PWOL on plans to salvage its operations.
Upcoming Events

Join us this coming Saturday, May 30 at our open house on the MIT campus in Cambridge, MA from 3:30 - 5 PM. It will be a low key fun gathering where we will share with you what we have been up to our near future plans. Refreshments will be provided. You can also shop our exciting selection of Haitian products! We'd love to have you join us!

Stay tuned on our other upcoming events:

Sunday, June 14 - Community Gathering with Partners for Change in Dorchester, MA

Saturday, July 18 - Save our Streets fair in Dorchester, MA

Don't Forget: You can have us Host a Private Shopping Party

We have a hot collection of  must-have items that your, friends, family, fellow club members and fellow church members will want. We can come in for a small gathering or for a large event. Feel free to reach out to us: info@chesinternational.org

Welcome Myriam

Below are a some thoughts from Myriam our new Clerk and Board Member: 

"It has always been a pleasure for me to be in the presence of people who support and have a vision for Haiti. When I discovered CHES through LinkedIn, I felt the instant connection, and I needed to reach out. The mission echoed what I am about and my aspirations for people in the land of Haiti and that is 'to educate, to mentor' and to help them become self-sustainable.


As I continue my tenure as clerk and a board member of CHES, I hope to strategically help promote the group's vision so that people recognize, understand and support our need "to educate, mentor and fund entrepreneurs in rural Haiti". This will make fundraising activities easier. I plan on doing just that at the upcoming HRA conference in D.C. this June. I also plan to connect with movers who can help us understand the market needs in Haiti as a way to strengthen our curriculum and to continue improve.


I look forward to my first visit to Cap-Haitian and Gonaives to help these beautiful women and souls with their entrepreneurial visions and improve their awareness in customer service. Something that is lacking in our culture and a shift that is essential to business success."

Why Haiti?

We have resumed our blogging activity.  We wanted to share the answer to a great question CHES was recently asked, "Why Haiti?" We realized that though we've answered the question, "Why CHES?", we might not have answered the first question. Please check out our blog post where we delve into the country's recent progress and how the Haitian people are resilient and admirable.
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