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My greatest joy with my work is seeing clients make breakthroughs and move forward in their life.    I love some of the stories that come out of my sessions and I thought I would share one with you.

This is a story from Carol.  Her name has been changed of course.   Carol was suffering from feeling the lack of respect in her relationship.  Her husband Tom, was constantly leaving her with the children, all the household responsibilities and belittling her aspirations in life.  Carol felt as if her husband was on a pedestal and she was in the basement with her needs never being met.  Carol is in the Master Soul Group of the Care Giver, the karmic condition of that soul group is to attract those that are very needy, creating the pain of not feeling nurtured by others.  When the pain of not being nurtured becomes so great they reach out making their needs just as important as every one else around them.  Learning to balance giving and receiving is the major goal for this soul group.  Once Carol focused in on receiving, her husband then responded by giving her more attention to her aspirations in life and she actually started her own business several months later.
There are 12 Master Soul Groups, each containing karmic lessons for us to learn.  Understanding the lessons give us the wisdom to move closer to our desires.

We took some of the best radio segments and turned them into one fantastic episode  for you to enjoy!  

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I have many clients just like yourself that are seeking to gain knowledge and wisdom of the journey they are on rather than just driving blindly through life.   If there is a subject that you would like to learn more about please let us know for future articles.  

2015 Predictions!

As many of you know I have a lot of A-listers as clients  and there are many psychics that will use that list for their predictions however I believe that personal issues are just that, personal. I also keep my client list confidential.  So these predictions that l would  like to focus on are really about the most important person who is you and the energies that will effect you during this year.

The first full Solar Eclipse of the year is to take place on March 20th creating an energy that will  effect the heart chakra and will last on the planet for about 10 days.  It will bring about the ending of a vortex of energy that was created during the solar eclipse of January 26th, 2009.  The energy created a push for many on the planet for self exploration to understand ones own pathway in life.  When that energy dissipates towards the end of the 10 day period a new energy will emerge creating a focus on a global unity lasting until the solar eclipse of June 10, 2021. During this time two things will occurs. Global unity against certain political leaders and a global unity against poverty, both will take place closer to the end of the cycle. 

The first full Lunar eclipse of the year is to take place on April 4th which will bring in a higher level of knowledge and wisdom energy effecting the crown chakra.  It will create an energy shift that will last for 3 months. This shift will bring about opportunities in connecting the karmic energies resulting from a lunar eclipse of May 30, 1774.  Karmic conditions that involve acceptance and approval will dominate many relationships and business ventures.  You will see an increase in the number of relationship separations and career changes this year that are the results of the amplified energy. The key to utilizing this energy for your benefit is to see the opportunities to expand your tolerance in everyday situations, mastering this will bring in harmony and also amplify your approval level with those around you.

The second Lunar Eclipse taking place on Sept 28th will bring in energy effecting the crown chakra, increasing creativity and the development of new ideas.  This energy will last approximately 20 days following the eclipse. The Karmic condition that involves Self Admiration will be put to the test during this time period.  The key to utilizing this energy is to appreciate your creativity whether it be in an artistic manner or in creative problem solving. Mastering admiration for your own work increases your level of creativity and heightens the level of respect from those around you.    

Do You Need A Couples Session?

I have been asked many times if it is possible to have two people in a session and if I am still able to read the energy correctly.  Well the answer is YES!  There are times when having a couples session is very beneficial when you are working through issues and ready to move forward.   If you are questioning if this is right for the two of you, feel free to call and lets look your options. 


Do You Have A Quick Question?

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