August 22, 2016

Dear Walnut Creek Families,
As we open the doors to our schools for another year of learning, we are excited and ready to welcome your children back to school! 
In 2015-16, we embarked on a new journey of implementing a Collaborative Fundraising Model in the WCSD.  Thanks to your generosity, our efforts have been a huge success.  Together, our parent communities and the Walnut Creek Education Foundation reached their goal of raising one million dollars in funding to support programs across the district.
The vision for WCSD Collaborative Fundraising is a model where fundraising groups come together to support each other's missions through shared fundraising in order to maximize resources available within the community and create instructional equity in all seven schools in the district.
Our district is committed to the success of this model.
Our work is not yet done. Under the guidance of the District's Community Coordinating Council (CCC), we will identify new opportunities for programs that will take your children's education to the next level.  Initiatives such as a Maker's Space, Innovative Classrooms of the Future, and Project-based Learning are all exciting possibilities for their future.
We are confident that our model is successful. This school year our combined efforts will fund Art, Music, P.E., and Science specialists, and Library support for all K-5 students.  Walnut Creek Intermediate and Tice Creek middle school grades will receive WCEF funding for their unique needs, among them are Campus Safety, Homework Help, Library, Administrative, Counseling, and Science Technology.
Your generous support of WCEF is critical as we continue to implement Collaborative Fundraising for the benefit of all students.  We encourage you to continue to donate to your school and WCEF. For more information about how Collaborative Fundraising works at your school, click here.
We appreciate your generosity and support of students.
Marie Morgan
Walnut Creek School District