2016/2017 January Paw Print
Lower School Principal, Ms. Karetov

Happy 2017!!

I hope that everyone enjoyed Winter Break and the nice little 4-day weekend.  2017 is so full of promise and excitement!

The end of 2nd Quarter was Friday, January 13th.  Report cards will be available for viewing this afternoon, January 20.  Since report cards are legal documents that stay in students’ cumulative records throughout their K-12 years, teachers will be writing basic comments on the report cards that do not include subjective opinions about your child or their progress.  If you have specific questions or concerns, please call your teacher regarding your child’s progress and/or behavior.
  December Lion Pride
Breakfast Winners

K:  Micah F.
1st:  Cooper Y.
2nd:  Ashley A.
3rd:  Lucas L.
4th:  Brady H.

Conferences are coming soon!  In an effort to communicate student progress, we added a “spring” conference session.  On Thursday evening, February 16, and all day Friday, February 17, teachers will be available to meet at your scheduled times, which are the same as they were in the fall.  If you do not remember the times you scheduled last fall, or if you need to make a change, please communicate directly with your child's teacher.  Childcare for school-aged students will be provided while you attend your 15-minute conferences.  You will receive more information to sign-up as we approach the date.

Teachers send out weekly newsletters through a new system called SMORE.  If you have not received an update from your teacher lately, please go into your junk/spam folder to see if it was sent there.  If these emails are not being delivered to your inbox, please add the address to your contacts so you will receive all communications.  If you have not received them, please let your teacher know.  They will try sending it in a different format.

January is already passing so quickly!  Enjoy the upcoming heat wave!!

Go Lions!

Joann Karetov
Classical Education - The Grammar Stage
St. Croix Preparatory Academy is based on a classical model of education. A classical model focuses on providing students with the lifelong educational tools to learn and think for themselves. The classical tradition is grounded in the time-tested methodology of learning called the “Trivium”, which recognizes that critical learning skills must precede critical thinking skills.

The Trivium methodology is organized into the following three stages corresponding to the general stages of a student’s cognitive development:
The first phase of the Trivium is Grammar (grade level K – 4). Grammar emphasizes the facts and rules of each subject upon which later learning is built. This stage focuses on the accumulation of knowledge and the rules related to each particular subject. This mirrors the stage of development where children love to mimic, recite, chant, and memorize. The objective of this phase is to provide each student with a strong foundation of subject matter KNOWLEDGE.

According to E.D. Hirsch, author of Why Knowledge Matters (2016), knowledge is cyclical and systematic.  Students need to be taught through direct instruction a coherent, specific content so that they may lead to meaningful thoughts, actions, and applications.  By implementing a liberal arts curriculum through the Core Knowledge Sequence, the Lower School’s purpose is to build the foundation to prepare them for the Logic and Rhetoric stages of the classical education experience. 

Important Dates
31:  Coupon Non-Uniform Day

1:  OLPA Math Test – 3rd Grade
2:   OLPA Math Test – 4th Grade
3:  Lion Pride Breakfast
8:  Day 100
8:  Kindergarten Round-Up (for 2017/2018 kindergarteners)
10:  Spirit Wear Day
    10:  Service Day
16:  P.M. Conferences 4:30 – 7:30
17:  All Day Conferences 9:30 – 3:45
18:  Heart of the Arts
20:  Presidents’ Day - NO SCHOOL

LICE - They Are Still Hanging On ...
Occasionally, parents will email/call when they are dealing with a lice outbreak at home.  After taking their child to specialty salons to rid them of the bugs/nits, the people at the for-profit salons tell parents, “St. Croix Prep has a terrible lice problem.”

SCPA does not have a problem according to SCPA Nurse, Candace Westlund.  We have only been informed of fewer than 20 cases of lice for all of K-12 since the beginning of the school year.  It is vitally important to check hair weekly, and to report any and all cases of lice to the school nurse.  If there are 3 or more cases in one classroom (10% of the population), notification to parents will be sent home, much like when there is a flu outbreak or other communicative diseases.  For further information, please see the links to useful information about lice and myths about lice

We want to encourage you that this is not embarrassing or a judgment if your child has lice.  Lice actually prefer clean hair!  It is challenging when we do not know that our students have lice, and we cannot take any additional preventative measures other than to clean thoroughly and remind parents to check for lice weekly.  Please communicate with us ASAP if your child has lice.
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