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Greetings on this special moment in the spring cosmic cycle!

We are now able to attach our proper invitation to our Circle of All Nations Spring Solstice event of March 19.  Some may remember that Grandfather Commanda organized the first Peace event at Darcy McGee School in 1998 - we fed people friends pizza - and I am just remembering that our friend Ray ordered pizza a day early - so we had to donate that to homeless folk, and then order our second batch of pizza for our event!  Grandfather sure brought the spirit of generosity to the National Capital Region almost twenty years ago - certainly it had scarcely heard it was in Algonquin Territory then!

BUT William Commanda had also initiated his Indigenous Peace and Reconciliation in 1967,  fifty years ago, with his international gathering in Eganville Ontario - that would have been the time of Expo 67 and Canada's 100th birthday  - Well, GWC had his agenda mapped out by then.  In 1968, he animated the spirit of the Sharing Wampum Belt when he welcomed the then new Prime Minister to his territory and his country - his greeting was well received by the Right Honourable Pierre Trudeau, who shared a plate of beans and animated discussion with Chief Commanda - and the White Paper became history after that. (Later, GWC helped PM Trudeau gum his Patrick Maranda canoe together and his journey continued, as the PM famously said, finding the true current!)

We hope you will be able to join us on March 19 - Come and learn about Uncle Gabriel Commanda - WW1 Vet, Founder of Val d'Or (since he revealed the gold there) - the Centre d'Amitie organizes March 21 Walks for Racial Harmony there each year!  These Commandas are indeed a special part of Canada's history.

I am also including several reports on Circle of All Nations work of 2016 here - with apologies!  Some of the files include photos and were too large as pdf files, so you will have to download the word documents.  BUT, we shall have them up on our website in a week or so, so you will also be able to access them there more simply soon.  

With best wishes for the spring from

Circle of All Nations!

Key 2016 Circle of All Nations Reports

For ease of reference, here are links to reports noted in the 2016 Circle of All Nation's Year End Report

Storytelling by Circle of All Nations Colleagues

INVITATION TO March 19, 2017 Equinox Event
11 - 4 at 233 Gilmour, Ottawa

Celebrating Grandfather Commanda's 50 years of Peace Building 
Mini Agenda 
- Opening Prayer, Welcome, Remarks: Evelyn and Tommy Dewache
- Lunch
 -Peace and Racial Harmony - Uncle Gabriel Commanda, WW1 Vet, Founder of Val d'Or, and commemorated in annual peace walks; and Rachelle Prudhomme's work with youth
 -Inner Healing - Special Session: Adrian Esposito's Documentary on Indigenous Trees of Knowledge
 -Birthday Cake and Socialization 


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Circle of All Nations Legacy Work 
of G randfather William C
11:11:13 - 3:8:11
Indigenous Elder, Algonquin of the Ottawa River Watershed, Sacred Wampum Belt Keeper, Canoe Builder, Recipient of Two Honorary Doctoral Degrees, Officer of the Order of Canada, and 
Encore Vivant!

Mother Earth and People
Environmental Stewardship and Peace! 
of All Nations 


Grandfather William C ommanda's 
Circle of All Nations
The Circle of All Nations is a global eco-community unified by Elder Commanda's fundamental and unshakeable conviction that as children of Mother Earth, we belong together and with nature, irrespective of individual colour, creed or culture  

Respect for Mother Earth
Promotion of Racial Harmony and Peace Building
Advancement of Social Justice
Recognition and Honouring of Indigenous Wisdom

We must come together with 

one heart, one mind, one love and one determination

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Circle of All Nations, A Culture of Peace
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