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Grandfather, Elder
Dr. William Commanda, OC, 
in his own Teaching Lodge

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J oin Us! Circle of All Nations June Solstice Event
10 - 5 p.m. June 26, 2016
J.K Wyllie Boardroom, 
233 Gilmour Street, Ottawa  

Circle of All Nations June 26 Solstice Gathering
Key Agenda Items
Preamble: We say the Circle of All Nations (CAN) is the Umbrella under which the many seeds of Elder William Commanda's Blueprint for the Good Life evolve, and you will know our priorities have always been Respect for Mother Earth and Indigenous Wisdom, Social Justice, Racial Harmony and Peace Building, and Art and Creativity.
His ASINABKA Vision has dominated the field like a cuckoo, over the past couple of years, but its visionary potential is fed by the CAN source. So we animate CAN by presenting seeds and ideas that inform the ASINABKA vision.
Music Intro: Christophe Elie
will sing Two Feathers for us - The Bridging Borders song he released on National Aboriginal Day 2016
Agenda Item One - Children
Grandfather William Commanda was passionately concerned about the bleak future he saw for Children and Youth, and about the sacrifices he knew they would be called upon to make - he said this to a group of young people at the Kumik Lodge in 2004, and we were struck then by the somber message.  He loved children, and would even start smiling at children on television.
CAN has been deeply concerned about the mental health challenges facing young people over many years, and at one of our recent CAN events, we showcased the Inner Healing documentary produced by our young autistic friend, Adrian Esposito and his mother Kristina Nomeika -
Over recent months we have noted the escalation in the crisis in violence and suicide in First Nations and non-First Nations communities (e.g. LaLoche, Attawapiskat, Woodstock). We note that in the past month alone, provinces like Ontario, Manitoba, Quebec and British Columbia have released reports on the multiple failures of the system, especially for First Peoples and communities of cultural diversity and immigrant communities. (We will include the links in our Panel Report).
Our Panel on Child and Youth Care includes a range of mini-presentations on this crisis. In the near future, we shall be organizing a full workshop on this subject, inclusive of an exploration of the Donald Marshall Junior Cultural Camp for Youth. ALREADY, WE CAN DEMONSTRATE THE IMPACT OF SACRED MOTHER EARTH IN DEEP HEALING
Overview of the Child Care Panel:
CAN/William Commanda Orientation
Sue Martin - Perspectives of a Mother - who has lost two children, one a three year old, and the other a twenty four year old, the murdered victim of an "unsolved" crime
Matthew Allen - Non Indigenous Youth,  Learning, Healing, and Mental Wellness via Indigenous Land and Ceremony
Neecha - The Sixties Scoop and Reclaiming Roots on the Land
Rarihokwats -  Examining the Roots Causes of the Crises in the Lives of Children
Rachele Prudhomme - Indigenous Outreach and Teachings in Schools
CAN Exploration of Indigenous Approaches to Child and Youth Care Work

Agenda Item Two - Indigenous Linkages, Ideology and Creativity

Craig Commanda - Algonquin Youth, Links with New Zealand and Maori, Documentaries and Music, in the Journey of Self Discovery (Craig is GWC's grand nephew!)
Roberto Zuazo, Amazon Jungle Elder: "Traditional Mystical Culture of the Amazon Rainforest of Brazil, Peru and Bolivia, the 3 countries in which my Aymara people have their ancestral land"
Scott Simon - Indigenous Rights in Contemporary Taiwan
Special Feature: Roberto Zuazo will "perform" his wood burning art during our Event!

Agenda Item Three - Asinabka

CAN ASINABKA Update on June 23 Correspondence to Prime Minister
Recent CAN Notes
Court Decision re OMB and Appeal
Updates from ASINABKA colleagues
JOIN US for Ideas, Music, Food and Socialization - and Spontaneous Sharing from YOU!!

2. NOTE THAT ABUELA MARGARITA will be with us in OTTAWA during the weekend of AUGUST 27th - Mark your calendar!!

3. 2016 Child and Youth Care Focus: OACYC COnference Workshop in Thunder Bay - CHECK OUT OUR REPORT IN PREPARTION FOR OUR PANEL!

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Circle of All Nations
The Circle of All Nations is a global eco-community unified by Elder Commanda's fundamental and unshakeable conviction that as children of Mother Earth, we belong together and with nature, irrespective of individual colour, creed or culture  

Respect for Mother Earth
Promotion of Racial Harmony and Peace Building
Advancement of Social Justice
Recognition and Honouring of Indigenous Wisdom

We must come together with 

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