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November Sales 2016 Newsletter







November 19, 2016

Getting ready for the Christmas Shopping Season has been our top priority so far this month.  We have purchased many new items and are looking at some of the bargains we have had in stock over the last few years and want to give our loyal customers a chance to save a few dollars if you order early.   Take a look at our sales items below, for every sale item purchased before November 30, 2016, your shipping will cost ONE CENT*!

*Domestic, ground, non-expedited service only, no other discounts apply, limit $30.00 (customer pays remainder).

With the busier Christmas Shopping Season, we want to let our customers know when our shipping deadlines are to make sure your packages arrive on time.  Orders to be delivered by Christmas MUST be placed either on-line or by phone no later than the date and time listed below.  We will make every effort to try to get your order shipped if you order after that date, but the carrier may not be able to deliver by Christmas Day.  All dates are taken from USPS and UPS websites and adjusted from our experience and our processing times.

USPS First Class: December 19, 2016 at Noon
USPS Priority Mail: December 20, 2016  at Noon
USPS Express Mail: December 22, 2016  at Noon

USPS First Class International: December 1, 2016  at Noon (varies by continent, may be as late as December 8, 2016)
USPS Priority International:  December 1, 2016  at Noon (varies by continent, may be as late as December 8, 2016)
USPS Express International:  December 8, 2016  at Noon (varies by continent, may be as late as December 15, 2016)

UPS Ground: December 16, 2016  at Noon (for East Coast Deliveries)
December 19, 2016  at Noon (for West Coast Deliveries)
UPS Three-Day Select: December 19, 2016  at Noon
UPS Second Day Air: December 22, 2016  at Noon (Requires Saturday Delivery Option)
UPS Next Day Air: December 23, 2016  at Noon (Requires Saturday Delivery Option)

For UPS Customers, please keep in mind that Christmas Day is on a Sunday this year and that means for UPS Saturday Delivery, you MUST ship Next Day Air or Second Day Air, otherwise they will not deliver on Saturday.


1) Items from the  91st Infantry Division  from WWI and WWII
2) 91st Infantry Division WWI "Yard long photos"
3)  Items relating to the 364th Infantry Regiment from WWI
4) Damaged WWI US uniforms for museum trench Display 
5) WWII German PPK slide and spare parts.


US Civil War
Misc. 19th Century
Pre World War One
World War One

German Items:

Interwar Period
World War Two

Post War

Korean War
Vietnam War


We have had many guesses, but none correct so far on our current Mystery Subject.  The pot grows to $100.00 in store credit for a correct answer.  Here is a bonus clue to help you:

Bonus Clues:

14. My wife published some of my papers after I died.

Old Clues:

1. I am considered controversial.
2. I served under a relative.
3. I was alive through an important time for my country.
4. I lost my highest position over a disagreement.
5. I was the personal adjutant to a relative.
6. I received one of the highest awards from my country.
7. My father had a ship named after him.
8.  During my early career I was once cited for bravery.
9.  I was named after a famous relative.
10. I have a famous quote attributed to me.
11. I was named after a famous relative.  
12. The relative I was named after was known as the "father" of their nation.
13. I was born royalty.


Each month we will post three new clues until the subject is identified and the prize will continue to increase in value $25.00 each month until we have a winner.  The rules are simple:  You only get one try per month (no multiple guesses) the first person to correctly identify the subject wins.  You can contact us at (707) 763-2220, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, or send us an email with your answer to





Thank you for your support!


Kevin and Jason


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