All summer long we celebrated the camp's 20th Anniversary by SAYING YES! We heard stories, like Jonah, of people in the Bible being asked to do hard things, take risks, all for the reason of knowing God more and spreading His Word. There is nothing quite like summer camp to feed the soul, build life-long friendships, create awesome memories, and guide each one into the next step in their walk with God! Take a journey through our summer below and rejoice with us at another wonderful year where God moments happened and kids' lives were changed!
Primary Camp & Day Camp 1

When you begin camp Sunday evening with a carnival, it's bound to be a good week! We always enjoy hearing those little giggles and screams as the kids enjoy our classic Camp Jonah activities like the zipline, ditch float, Water Madness and field games, camp songs, skits, and of course our annual boat race! 

But the best part of all was seeing the wonder in their eyes as they heard about God's gracious miracles and provision through the Bible stories that were told each morning and evening. They learned about forgiveness and redemption, and we took time every day to talk about life, pray together, and encourage them to enjoy a relationship with Jesus, and Say Yes to Him always.

Ultimate Kids' Camp

What 4th through 6th grader wouldn't love to get wacky and messy all day at summer camp? . . . Okay, maybe there are a few, but this camp has got to be one of the best weeks of the summer for everyone involved! Our days were spent working on crafts, outside group games, 2 mile nature hike, Messy Games, night games, zipline and the ditch float.

We really encouraged them to take opportunities to worship God together, to enjoy a relationship with Jesus, and Say Yes to Him always.
What an amazing week! 

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Grand Camp

Camp Jonah began 20 years ago following in the footsteps of co-founder Grandma "Bernice" Duke. She did "Cousin Camps" for her 24 grandkids for many years prior to starting Jonah. In this tradition, Grand Camp was added to our summer schedule in 2011. There's nothing like grandparents arriving for a full, fun weekend with one or more wiggly, excited grandkids in tow. Grandparents Bob and Kim Spotts led our chapel times this summer and encouraged us to be intentional about our relationships with our grandkids and our Savior. Due to a rainy forecast, the schedule was changed to a mostly indoor program, which included the Great Jonah Adventure, a Just Dance Party, visiting the Camp Store, lots of field games, puppets and camp songs, Gym Jam, and Disney Karaoke. We ended the weekend with a slide show recapping happy smiles and lots of hugs. Grand Camp is a place to make memories, build relationships, talk about Jesus together and have SO MUCH FUN! We can't wait for next year to do it all over again!

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G.I.R.L.'s Camp

At G.I.R.L.'s Camp ( Girls In Real Life) we want to speak the truth of who our campers are in Jesus. We learned that we are Loved, Accepted, Forgiven, and Treasured by Him and because of Him. We explored the gifts and abilities given to us by a loving Father through projects and activities that speak to girls' hearts. And yes, we got a wide variety in because we appreciate that we are each made uniquely. Some activity highlights we explored included Cooking, Crafts (emoji pillow, painting art, smash books, flip-flop remake and more!), Messy Games, Cabin Times, Spa Day and the Mud Pit (yes, the mud pit!). Our goal was for the girls to go home knowing Jesus more deeply, knowing who they are in Him, and how that applies to their Real Lives.

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Man Camp

One of our top priorities at Man Camp is mentoring our campers. We worked hard to arrange experiences where the campers get to interact with Godly men who possess skills that can be shared with them. We also weaved in a wide variety of projects and trainings which exposed the campers to a broad range of life skills.

Some Man Camp highlights were: digging a 600 foot trench with Track Hoes, constructing four 8 foot benches, shooting guns of course, PVC blow guns (sorry parents - I hope you didn't end up with too many holes in your walls once your camper got home!), Solo Baston fighting lesson from a world renowned fighting champion and local fitness instructor, learning how to replace the end of an electrical extension cord, practiced knife and hatchet throwing, paintballing, 1st Aid instruction and training, Mudpit, gorged on some hearty food, and just plain enjoyed some quality guy time! 

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Family Campout

Two years ago we made tasty lemonade out of lemons when a last-minute cancellation happened: we decided to take our long-time dream of hosting a Family Campout and make it an amazing reality. This summer, year two, was a relaxed, blessed time together for 60 people camping from Friday afternoon, July 1st, through Wednesday morning, July 5th. Shon TenKley was our speaker and worship leader. Along with being blessed by his sharing, there were countless optional activities in which to participate, including a hay ride, chapel on top of a fantastic view point, tours by Jeff, campfires and s'mores, caving, playing in the creek, water games, great food and the fantastic, local fireworks extravaganza put on by the Trout Lake Community each year right here on our field on the 4th of July! What a great tradition this is becoming!

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Day Camp 2 - Life Skills

This was our first year doing Day Camp, and boy was it a success and a ton of fun! Some activity highlights included learning some basic first aid and making first aid kits, prepping snacks and helping clean them up, definitely messy games, learning how to wash laundry, crafts, bounce house, face painting, zipline, packing Operation Christmas Child Shoe Boxes, and talking about money and making Give, Save, Spend jars.

We also did activities that taught us about standing strong in our faith when we're in the world and guarding what goes into our hearts and minds, because everything we do flows from that! We're excited to continue Day Camps next summer!
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Jr. Adventure Camp

This bunch of campers - always so excited and eager to get out and experience adventures! 
Part of the week included rotating through several other adventures - caving, climbing wall, zipline, and inner tube ditch float. Tuesday evening we moved out to our more remote Cave Creek Camp where we spent the night under the stars. It's a lot different doing camp without electricity and running water! Finally Wednesday afternoon they got to experience our traditional Eco Challenge Course. This was a race that involved map reading, teamwork and a spirit of adventure to complete. They loved the competition, the challenges at six different checkpoints, and the mud at the end.

Throughout the week we also took time each morning and evening to hear Bible stories that taught us about God's love, who God is, and telling them that He loves them and wants them to enjoy Him. We taught them about forgiveness and redemption and provided opportunities to worship God together, and we took time every day to talk about life, pray with them, and encourage them to enjoy a relationship with Jesus, and Say Yes to Him always.
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Middle School Adventure Camp

Adventure is the key word here, as the campers embarked on new adventures each day!
Sunday evening the campers were divided into three Tribes. The first task given to the tribes was to create a tribe name as well as brainstorm ideas that would help them fully value each member of the tribe and fully value the Adventure Camp experience.

The rest of the week, Tribes experienced the Low Challenge Course, 35 feet above the ground in our High Ropes Course, saw amazing viewpoints on the Sleeping Beauty Trail Hike where they could gain an appreciation for God's power and creation, explored Silver Cave and contemplated light and darkness as they relate to good and evil, and learned essential skills using a map and compass. And we wouldn't do camp without also including the zipline, climbing wall, paintballing, night games, campfires, songs, skits, s'mores, and white water rafting down the White Salmon River!
Wow! What an Adventure!
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High School Adventure Camp

Right off the bat, the campers were divided into two Tribes. We then introduced them to the adventure experiences that were ahead of them - Zipline, Climbing wall, Ropes Challenge Course, hiking, rafting, and camping out. . . . We explained how at every stage of the adventure there would be new challenges to face, skills to learn, risks to take, as well as opportunities for personal growth and teamwork.

But, High School adventure Camp is much more than an adventure experience - it is also intentionally crafted to be a spiritual experience - learning about God and encountering Him. We considered the challenges and risks in life, as well as the tools and community God equips us with to handle them. We talked about protecting good, upholding truth, embracing redemption, practicing righteousness and engaging in worship. So many of the adventures we embark on at Adventure camp make for a practical outward sample or expression of an inward condition.
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