Let's start 2017 together! 
Expect big things in the year to come!
It's already 2017! How did that happen so quickly? Well, now that the holidays are over, we're keeping the positive vibes and we're going to be starting 2017 off with a bang.

Spoilers for our upcoming Annual Meeting in a few weeks - we're going to be announcing a game, and it's going to be quite...ENGAGING! This new program will shine the spotlight on those who really make an impact in our Chapter, and we're really excited to get this going. We will also  recap the advocacy victories of 2016 and announce new Board members for the 2017 cycle.

From there, we will be holding our Building Tech Forum on February 16th - a unique event exploring how green buildings are a part of the smart cities of the future. Join us for this mixer combining technology with the building sector.  Science and the future are awesome.
Upcoming Events
1/11: Creating the XPRIZE for Healthy Buildings

Join us on January 11th for a morning educational session with Eric Corey Freed, as he walks us through the power of exponential thinking in green building design.

1/26: Annual Meeting

We can talk about what we did in 2016, or we can show it off. On this night, we will celebrate all of our victories of 2016, announce new Board members, and start to really ENGAGE everyone in our community in a fun new game.

2/16: Building Tech Forum

Technology, innovation, and sustainability all collide to create the concept of Smart Cities, and this is the event where you'll get the scoop on how to best position your projects.

December 2016
Greenbuild Kick-Off & Volunteer Planning

Being here in the host city, it's our job to get the green building community involved, so we had ourselves a gathering of over 70 USGBC MA members to set up volunteering groups for the big event. 

It's not too late to get involved! See our Greenbuild Committees page to learn more.

Full recap

This is the largest Passive House multifamily project in New England

On December 1st, we toured a renovated Distillery that is on its way to become a Passive House in 2017. Thanks to Fred Gorton for walking us through the building and teaching us so much about this side of building design!

See everything we did in 2016!

A LOT went down in 2016. We had success in legislation, connected tons of awesome green building leaders together, got more green buildings in Massachusetts.

Full 2016 retrospective

A few updates to note:

More events:
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