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April 21, 2017
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From the Top - Fiesta of Five Flags 10K & 5K Call for Volunteers - 2017 Volunteer of the Year - PRA Membership Social - How they Train - Everyone should Aqua Jog - March PRA Board of Directors Meeting Minutes 
From the Top
By PRA President Jason Libbert

Hello PRA Members!
We've got some exciting news I want to share with you. It's not just that our membership is now over 800 people, the most the PRA has ever had (though that is exciting as well-thank you for your membership and support or the PRA and its mission to promote, support and develop running and racing along the Northern Gulf Coast)! 
As we are learning, many of you are not aware of the PRA's three prestigious annual awards: 
  • The Lou Gregory Award: Given to a PRA Member who has demonstrated great leadership and enthusiasm in helping to promote and maintain the sport of running in the Pensacola community.
  • The Jim Harrington Award: Given to a PRA Member who has used running and physical activity to overcome adversity or to recognize persons who returned to the sport of running after overcoming serious injury or illness.
  • The Volunteer of the Year Award: Given to a PRA Member who has gone above and beyond in dedicating their time and energies into furthering the PRA's mission: to promote, support, and develop running and racing along the Northern Gulf Coast. 
  Up until now, they were given out at the end of "Large" races, the Lou Gregory Award at the Fiesta of Five Flags 10k & 5K, the Jim Harrington Award at the Pensacola Beach Run Half Marathon & 10K/5K, and the Volunteer of the Year Award at the Pensacola Seafood Don McCloskey 5K.  Having seen the presentations, many did not know what they were for or what they were getting. 
We want to present the awards in the best atmosphere possible to recognize and thank the deserving awardees.  We are creating a new event at which we will give out each of these awards ,to highlight the winners and give them the recognition they deserve: the PRA Winter Awards Banquet, to occur each January.  
We feel this move will accomplish several of our goals:
  • Streamline and clarify the process and timeline of nominating and selecting.  Now, all nominations will be accepted at the same time.
  • Give the awardees the recognition they deserve.
  • Opportunity to further educate the members on the awards and their significance.
  • We will invite all the male and female champions of our races for the opportunity to again be recognized.
  • Allow us to give a State of the PRA Report.
  • Provide a calm, celebratory setting to recognize our awardees.
  • Provide another social setting for our members and meet and mingle.
As the PRA continues to grow and have more impact on the running community in the Northern Gulf Coast, highlighting these awardees will become even more important and significant.  The PRA has a long, storied, and successful past thanks to all of its members, past Boards of Directors, and Past Presidents who have done a tremendous job. The goal of this new event is to not replace what has been done, rather to enhance and build on the great foundation the past PRA members and Board have built.
More information on this will be posted and sent out as we get closer to the event and finalize plans.  I look forward to meeting you at our events.  If you have any questions or suggestions on this, please don't hesitate to send a note to


Jason Libbert
PRA President

Registr ation is Now Open For the Following PRA Events:

April 29, 2017

May 20, 2017

Argonaut 5K
September 2, 2017

September 30, 2017

Recent Results from PRA and PRA Partner Events

2017 Fiesta of Five Flags 10K & 5K Call for Volunteers


We are still looking for a few folks to help out with the 2017   Fiesta of Five Flags 10K & 5K, which will occur on Saturday, April 29, 2017 at 7:30 AM.

If you'd like to contribute, please contact us at PensacolaRunnersAssociation@

2017 Volunteer of the Year
By Rundown Editor Eric Miller

I would like to take this opportunity to offer a long overdue congratulations and thanks to an incredibly dedicated member of the Northwest Florida running and walking community: 2017 Volunteer of the Year Award Winn er Steve Lipe!

Steve joined the PRA Board of Directors in 2012 and since then has been a fixture at virtually all of its functions. Serving as the primary representative of the Wal king Community, Steve has served as a staunch advocate for ensuring that the Race Walker categories at each of the PRA events are properly e mphasized and the rules adhered to.  Steve's role has since expanded to include serving as a former monthly Rundown contributor, the current PRA Secretary, a member 
of the Pensacola Beach Run Half Marathon & 10K/5K Committee, a member of the Merchandise Committee, and as one of the go to utility volunteers for essentially every program and event produced by the PRA. When help is requested by the director for some upcom ing event or program, almost invariably, the first hand to shoot up around the board room table will belong to Steve Lipe. 

When hes not slaving away at one race or expo or another, Steve is an accomplished race walker in his own right. Steve  recently competed in the 5K and 1500 Race Walks at the 2016 Florida Senior Games. His 2nd place (5K) and 3rd place (1500) age group finishes earned him trips to Birmingham in both events this June, where he will represent Northwest Florida and the PRA at the National Senior Games!

The PRA could have picked a no more deserving winner for the 2017 Volunteer of the Year Award than Steve Lipe.

2017 PRA Membership Social
By Membership Coordinator Heidi Lipe


Please join us as we celebrate the 45th anniversary of the Pensacola Runners
Association at our annual Membership Appreciation Social on Thursday, June 15, 2017 from 6:00 PM until -8:00 PM at Phineas Phoggs in the Historic Seville Quarter! We will have appetizers, beverages, and lots of door prizes for everyone.  The social is open to all current members of PRA and is a great opportunity to meet fellow runners and walkers in our community.  Not a current PRA member?  You can join now at:

PRA membership remains a fantastic value; an individual membership is $15.00 and a family membership is $20.00.  By partnering with imATHLETE we now have a rolling membership which means that you will remain a current member for one full year from the date that you sign-up.   As a PRA member you will receive discounts on PRA race entry fees, a free membership race, free access to a members only interval workouts overseen by a professional coach, our newsletter The Rundown, an annual membership thank you event, eligibility for the Lou Gregory, Jim Harrington, and Volunteer of the Year awards, and the opportunity to promote running and walking in our Gulf Coast area. 

Mark your calendar now for the 2017 PRA Membership Social and we hope to see you there!   

How they Train
With Ashley Carter

Age  35

Did you compete in high school or collegiate cross country or track? I ran cross country in high school but at the time, I looked at cross country as a way to get in shape for soccer and softball. Looking back, I wish I would've put more into it.   

How many years have you been running? I have been running off and on for most of my life, starting with running club in elementary school but I only began to start following structured running plans in the last few years.  

Lifetime personal records: 
I honestly have no recollection of what my race times were when I was younger.  My PR's from the last 5 years are: 21:01 5k; 43:20 10K;   1:39 HM; 3:32 M

Running Achievements for which you are Most Proud: I am most proud of earning a BQ at the Albany Marathon last year.  It was definitely the most challenging race I have ever run.   

What running events do you train for or what are your training goals? Depends on the year.  One year I may focus on running a fast 5k, another may be a half-marathon or marathon.  Goal races have never been the same from year to year.  There are a few races that I try to run every year that I can manage to just because I enjoy the race, like Fiesta, Double Bridge, Sea Side, & PBR, but none of them have ever been a goal race.
No matter what my training focus is, my goal is always be consistent.  Sometimes, like last year, that works out and I have an excellent running season, lots of great races, lots of PR's.  Other times, like this year, life gets in the way and I have to scrap all the training plans.  Those years the races are hard, and there are no PR's but I've learned to be ok with that too.  When things get too crazy between kids and work and life in general, I can't make myself crazy trying to stick to an intense training plan or I will beat myself up over missing workouts.  Sometimes I just have to let it go and run for enjoyment.    

How Many Miles Do you typically run when not injured and consistently running?
During a training plan I typically run between 30 and 55 miles/week depending on what I'm training for.  If I'm not training for anything specific, I just try to maintain a base of at least 30 miles/week.  

What does your typical week of running look like? This applies to the winter when I hang up my bike.
  • Monday: Easy miles
  • Tuesday:  Various speed workouts (200s, 400s, or 800s)
  • Wednesday:  Off
  • Thursday: Tempo run or mile repeats
  • Friday:  Easy miles
  • Saturday: Easy Miles
  • Sunday: Long run, usually with a marathon pace tempo thrown in
How does your training vary over the course of a year? During the summer, I never train for races.   I just run.  It's always nice to take time off and just enjoy running.  Summers are a good time for me to switch it up because being a teacher, I don't have to work.  Sometimes I do some cross fit workouts.  The last few years I have thrown in some swimming during the summer months.  (I'm no good, but it is a nice change) This year, for the first time, I will switch to training for triathlon, which I'm excited about.   

Do you take recovery or down time? Yes!  During a training plan I like to take a down week every three weeks.  It helps to get through those high mileage weeks when I know I only have to do two in a row before a down week. 

By the end of a training plan I'm always ready to not think about workouts for a little while.  I take a good week off for mental recovery and do nothing.  By the end of the week I'm usually recovered and itching to run again.  

What injuries have hampered your training over the past year? Thankfully, I have not had to deal with any injuries during training.  I have had plantar pain or tendonitis here and there, but nothing serious enough that it has hampered training.  
What type of running shoes do you prefer? 
Right now I really like the New Balance fresh foam line.  My every day running shoe is the NB Zante.  

What are your favorite running routes? Anywhere new and different! I'm always excited to get to run in new places.  My favorite thing to do when we travel is to run.  I feel like you can't truly experience a place unless you're out in it and running provides an amazing way to do that.  My husband and I used to laugh at some friends of ours that were always running on their vacations.  Now we are those people, and the runs are ALWAYS our favorite part.  I have enjoyed running in Central Park, through the park trails in the Cuyahoga Valley, and in the mountains in North Carolina, but so far my favorite place we have run is in St. Johns.  We were there in September this year and ran every morning.  We would start at one secluded beach, run roads or trails through cliffs and find another secluded beach.  We would open water swim with sea turtles, or explore some little reef and then run another trail until we found a new beach.  It was amazing!    

What running resources do you like that would benefit someone else? I got a so much better understanding of my training from the Jack Daniel's book Running Formula.  It is a great resource.  We are really fortunate to live in an amazing and active community with so many resources for runners of every level.  Running Wild is amazing and does so much to support the running community.  Tri Gulf Coast is also wonderful.  

What advice do you have for beginning or experienced runners to help them with their training? For beginning runners I say, don't be discouraged.  You may not be elite, I'm certainly not, but that doesn't mean your goals and your PR's aren't great achievements!  Also, get a partner.  Speed work is best when done with someone else, someone you encourages you and helps you keep going.  It makes a huge difference!  Lastly, get involved.  The Pensacola area has so much to offer active adults.  Being involved with races, running organizations, training groups or anything helps make running a part of your life and not just what you do to exercise.  

Everyone should Aqua Jog
By Teresa Hess of Tri Gulf Coast

When I had my first running injury, a stress fracture in my second metatarsal, I was devastated. I could not run or bike, my doctor even looked at me with that doctor's head tilt when I asked if I could go swimming. During my first week of
stupid-broken-foot-irritation, I started to see what I could do. I found aqua jogging, as many athletes do. The type of aqua jogging where you put on the belt and pretty much reenact a duck- lots of motion under the water, barely moving up above the water. At first I felt embarrassed; here I was a speed of about 2 minutes per 25 yards crossing the pool trying to not tip over in my jogging belt. The embarrassment soon passed as I began to feel my heart rate increase. Sure my body stayed cool in the pool water but my heart really thought I was running a marathon.

I consistently used aqua jogging to train during my injury, while slowly getting back on the bike (on a trainer) and "non push off" swimming. At the end of a jogging session my legs felt worked, but I noticed my knees, which had been through rough times, were not hurting. Through aqua jogging I was able to return to running shoes and run the Double Bridge Race, with little road training.

At first I thought after having healed from my broken foot I would give up aqua jogging, but I honestly thought, "WHY?". Why would I give up something that made me feel better and stronger? Why would I give up something that allowed me to "run" more without the pain? Why would I give up something that offered a means of recovery for me and my muscles? Well, I could not think of a good reason.
Benefits to aqua jogging (besides when injured):
  • Heart health- aqua jogging has shown to be able to maintain similar heart benefits as 5K land training.
  • Form work- aqua jogging is a great opportunity to fine tune alignment and feel where your body should be when running.
  • Impact free- aqua jogging is an activity you can take part in while injured, recovering, or needed a day of not hitting the pavement. This also means aqua jogging is great for injury prevention.
  • Conditioning- aqua jogging workouts out the big and small muscle groups.
  • Muscle toning- aqua jogging helps to tone muscles through the use of the water as resistance.
With all these benefits you would be hard pressed to not jump in to aqua jogging. Give it a shot and see how you feel, it is one more tool in the toolbox of exercise. And don't worry the little old ladies are very friendly!

Registration Now Open For the Following Events by PRA Partners:

June 10, 2017

October 7, 2017

November 12, 2017
March PRA Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
March 14, 2016; 5:30 PM
Pensacola Sports Board Room
Meeting was called to order by President Jason Libbert at 5:34 pm. President Jason Libbert  welcomed everyone and roll call was taken.

Board Members in Attendance: Jason Libbert,  Jennifer Taft, Steve Lipe, Heidi Lipe, Mark Rask, Michele Tierney, Brian Carter

Guests in Attendance: Lori Moore, Gabriela Gasque

Previous Month's Minutes:  Minutes from the March 2017 Board of Directors Meeting were read and a motion to accept was made by Mark R. and seconded by Jennifer T. Motion passed.

President's Report:  Jason L. said that the PRA trailer and storage unit was in need of cleaning, straightening, and inventory taken. This will be held on 3/31/17 at 1:00 PM at the storage unit.  He also mentioned that everyone should start thinking of officers for the upcoming calendar starting in June. At this time, Heidi L. made a motion to add Gabby G. and Lori M. to the board as they have been active PRA members and are willing to continuing working for the cause. Motion was seconded by Michele T. and approved. Welcome Gabby G. and Lori M.  The Membership Social will be in June and Heidi L., Gabby G., and Jennifer T. will head up the committee and make plans.  We currently have three grant requests, one has been reviewed and two are new. It was decided to hold off until the April meeting to decide on donations. Ashley C. will review all of the grants and will report at the April meeting.

Vice President's Report: Austin A. had nothing new to report.

Treasurers Report:  Jennifer T. reported that the financials were all up to date with monies currently coming in for the upcoming Fiesta Race. Motion by Heidi L. and seconded by Mark R. to approve the financial report. Motion passed.

Membership: Heidi L. reported the current membership was 737 members, up from 651 last reported in February. The Feb-March growth was 11.7%. She also reported a great response/feedback from the Pea Ridge running club in regards to the PRA sponsoring their last social/run. There was also good Board member presence at this event and we answered many questions and signed up new members.

  • Bay to Breakfast 8K Cross County Challenge:Gabby G. reported that Bay to Breakfast was a great success with record attendance and great volunteer support. 
  • Fiesta of Five Flags 10K & 5K: Shannon K. will provide a report at the April Board Meeting. 
  • PRA Membership Run: Gabby G. reported that the PRA Membership Run will occur on 5/20/2017.
  • Rundown: Get all articles to either Jason or Eric Miller as soon as possible
  • World of Beer Run club: World of Beer has expressed an interest in the PRA returning to their weekly run to promote our organization.
Meeting was adjourned at 6:45 PM.

All current PRA members are invited to the University of West Florida Track at 6:00 PM each Monday evening for a FREE interval workout overseen by UWF Cross Country Coach Caleb Carmichael! To learn more, join our Facebook Group .

Call for Volunteers

The PRA is an all-volunteer, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with the mission to promote, support and develop running, walking and racing along Florida's North
ern Gulf Coast. We want the dollars spent by the running community spent on the running community, to enhance the experience of being a runner or walker in Northwest Florida.

The events and programs we produce would not be possible without the support of the Pensacola area's active and involved community of runners and w alkers. That said, we are always looking for new blood to get involved and help take us to the next level. 

We currently have open positions on our Volunteer Coordination Committee and our  Equipment/Course Coordination Committee . Both of these 
extremely important roles provide excellent and fulfilling opportunities to meet some great folks and to get involved in the local fitness community. 
If you'd like more information about either of these positions or other ways to get involved please send your your inquiry and contact information to the PRA at To be added to our general volunteer database, please submit your information here.


The Pensacola Runners Association brings together runners, walkers and fitness enthusiasts to promote, support and develop running and racing along the Northern Gulf Coast. Our objective is to provide information, education, training, social and sporting events for competitive and noncompetitive runners and walkers of all ages, races, genders and abilities.

  • Discounted entry rates on the full calendar of PRA Races/Events, including FREE entry to our Membership Run
  • The chance to eat, drink and socialize with fellow runners at our free, members only social events
  • Access to our action packed monthly newsletter: "the Rundown"
  • Eligibility for the Lou Gregory, Jim Harrington and Volunteer of the Year Awards
  • Access to free, members only weekly interval workouts overseen by a professional Coach
  • The chance to do your part to promote, support and develop running and racing along the Northern Gulf Coast

Thanks to our Organizational Sponsors! 

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